February 14, 2009

Ranking the Squads: Revenge of the 6-10's

Here's the first installment of my "Ranking the Squads" series.. Now we continue by looking at the four teams in Seahawks history to finish 6-10.

29. 2000
Record: 6-10
Offensive Rank: 19th out of 31 teams
Defensive Rank: 25th out of 31
Takeaway/Giveaway Rank: 23rd out of 31
Team MVP: Ricky Watters
High Point: Seahawks 27, Raiders 24
Low Point: Dolphins 23, Seahawks 0

2000 was a massive let-down after the 1999 playoff run, but frankly it was probably predictable after the collapse down the stretch in '99. In fact, over 15 games spanning mid-99 to early-00, the Hawks were a pathetic 3-12. The most notable thing about 2000? Kitna's craptacular performance convinced Holmgren to go out and trade for Matt Hasselbeck after the season.

28. 1994
Record: 6-10
Offensive Rank: 20th out of 28 teams
Defensive Rank: 16th out of 28
Takeaway/Giveaway Rank: 11th out of 28
Team MVP: Chris Warren
High Point: Seahawks 30, Steelers 13
Low Point: Browns 35, Seahawks 9

In '94, we sported a QB who was just AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year (Rick Mirer), and September was a wonderland of glorious possibilities... Seattle opened with two road wins, and after pounding on the playoff-bound Steelers in the Dome, the Hawks were 3-1 and lookin' strong. Then the offense disappeared during a 6-game skid, when Mirer and his minions broke the 20-point barrier only once. The end of 1994 was also the merciful termination of Coach Tom Flores' tenure in Seattle.

27. 1993
Record: 6-10
Offensive Rank: 19th out of 28 teams
Defensive Rank: 18th out of 28
Takeaway/Giveaway Rank: 8th out of 28
Team MVP: Eugene Robinson
High Point: Seahawks 10, Patriots 9
Low Point: Cardinals 30, Seahawks 27

There's not much memorable about 1993 besides Rick Mirer teasing us into believing he was worth the #2 overall pick, but here's one vivid memory I had of the 1993 campaign...

26. 1981
Record: 6-10
Offensive Rank: 15th out of 28 teams
Defensive Rank: 25th out of 28
Takeaway/Giveaway Rank: 6th out of 28
Team MVP: Steve Largent
High Point: Seahawks 27, Jets 23
Low Point: Giants 32, Seahawks 0

From October 26, 1980 to October 18, 1981, our Hawks went 1-15! Thank god I was six years old at that point and still had no idea what was going on... The '81s recovered from a 1-6 start to go 5-4 down the stretch, including that highly memorable MNF win over the mighty Chargers...

Coming up.. We start to wade through a sea of 7-9 almost respectable-ness... Bring your hip-waders.


Andrea said...

I have a DVD of the broadcast of the Charger win on MNF. Shovel pass fake FG to Sherm Smith. The little door with the bread and water during the solitary confinement of that season.

Ramona P. said...

That is so frakking awesome! I wish I was old enough to remember that game... I just shot you an e-mail about maybe doing a DVD trade.. let me know..

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late in the convo. But the '94 win over the Steelers actually took place at Husky Stadium due to the Kingdome roof collapse (I think the first couple home games were there). Real nitpicky I know. I distinctly remember that game because my fam had just moved up to the Seattle area from Chehalis and I was pumped after the great start. (Love how you use similar markers throughout your blog!) I heard it on the radio, so maybe it was blacked out?

Ramona P. said...

Right you are...


Why do I remember the loss to the Chargers vividly but not that win over the Steelers? Lame.