February 17, 2009

Ranking the Squads: Two different ways to suuuuck

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25. 1977
Record: 5-9
Offensive Rank: 8th out of 28 teams
Defensive Rank: 28th out of 28
Turnover Ratio Rank: 24th out of 28
Team MVP: Sherman Smith
High Point: Seahawks 56, Bills 17
Low Point: Patriots 31, Seahawks 0

I was two years old, so I have to entirely rely on the historical record here... After starting life 2-16 (through '76 and the first month of '77), the Seahawks got things together (on offense at least) to finish a respectable 5-5 over 1977's last 10 games.

Stat weirdness: Steve Largent only had 33 catches in 1977 (the 2nd-lowest total of his career), but had a career-high 19.5 yards per catch. He also scored 10 TDs, a season total he only topped in 1983 and 1984.


24. 1982
Record: 4-5
Offensive Rank: 27th out of 28 teams
Defensive Rank: 5th out of 28
Turnover Ratio Rank: 19th out of 28
Team MVP: Kenny Easley
High Point: Seahawks 16, Steelers 0
Low Point: Patriots 16, Seahawks 0

The '77s were explosive on offensive, and pathetic on defense. The '82s were their goatee-wearing evil doppelgangers... Led by pro bowler Kenny Easley, the Seattle defense was damn-near dominant in 1982.

After an 0-2 start, the NFLPA went on strike, and seven games were wiped off the schedule. During the strike Coach Patera was shitcanned and replaced by Mike McCormack, who not only coaxed a 4-3 finish out of the '82s, but would go on to hire Chuck Knox after the season and help build the great Seahawks teams of the 1980s.


Baked McBride said...

I was at the Buffalo game (I was 10, so I have some recall). Juice ran for like negative 11, then sat.

Best was hearing Howard tell the nation about it on MNF Halftime Highlights though. "Patera's boys showed the experienced Bills a little something about offense."

Remember the NE game too. One of, if not the, only time in NFL history a team's kicker (ours) DID NOT STEP ON THE FIELD. No kickoffs (we deferred and there was no reciprocating)- no nothing.

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, I watched that Pats-Hawks game as well (I was 11 at the time.) It was the week after the infamous Snowplow Game, which I also watched. (Yeah, glutton for punishment.)

How could your kicker not step on the field? Doesn't each team have to kick off a half?