April 17, 2010

Seahawks 2010 Schedule Wish List

As y'all know, the 2010 NFL schedule drops on Tuesday... Here's a few things every Seahawks fan should want to see on Seattle's regular-season slate a couple of days from now:

1. Less than four 10 a.m. pacific time kickoffs
Those early starts have always bedeviled the Seahawks, and there are four obvious candidates for 10 a.m. games: @TB, @NO, @STL, and @CHI. Any of these four games starting later in the day vastly increases Seattle's chances of stealing a road win. If the Seahawks end up with 5+ 10 a.m. starts, we'll know the NFL office is (still) fucking with us.

2. No three game road swings
It's not like the Seahawks would have made the playoffs otherwise last year, but the three-game road trip in November certainly didn't help us.

3. Trips to Chicago and Denver before Nov. 1, trip to Tampa AFTER Nov. 1
Avoiding snowstorms and heatstroke clearly would benefit the Seahawks. Other than rain, our Seahawks aren't renowned for kicking ass in extreme weather scenarios.

4. Trip to New Orleans in week 16 or 17
By then, the World Champs might be resting guys... Hey, I'll take wins any way I can get 'em these days.

5. Kickoff weekend at home v. STL
What WOULDN'T be great about this? We haven't lost to the Rams since 2004, and it would likely be the first NFL start for #1 pick Sam Bradford. Pretty please, Rog?

6. Visit to STL in October
Not that we have trouble with the Rams, but that STL crowd always seems extra-gripped with malaise if the Cardinals' MLB season is still going (or if they are mourning its recent end).

7. One national TV game?
I shouldn't even mention this as a possibility, but Carroll's presence might get us an MNF date. Coach Carroll's "return to Cali" storyline makes the games @SF and @OAK our best chances for national exposure (both are also possibilities for the late game in the week 1 MNF double-header).

Anything obvious I missed?

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