March 21, 2011

Vote Twelves for 12!

I haven't actually played Madden in years- Having kids cuts into my gaming time, I can't really bring myself to play Madden the week after a Seahawks loss, and frankly I've never been that good at the damn game.

But this.. This is a big deal- The 12th Man is the Seahawks representative in the tournament that will select the cover image for Madden 12. You can go vote here... Yeah, you can argue that it's only because the Seahawks don't really have an obvious superstar player right now (though I'd argue this would make a great Marshawn Lynch Cover Photo...)

Anyway, EA picking us Twelves as Seattle's representative in this little competition says a lot about how the NFL nation looks at Seahawks fans. Our reputation is fearsome, and for good reason. Other fans have SEEN the impact Twelves have at Qwest Field- In 2005 against the Giants, and in those playoffs, and in playoff wins over the Cowboys, Redskins and Saints since then. It's more clear now than ever- NO home crowd gives their team a bigger home field advantage than the Twelve Army delivers to the Seahawks at Qwest. We are the only superstar fan base in the NFL, y'all... and that's well-deserved and pretty fucking sweeeet.

So go vote early and often- and look at that bracket- look at who our upcoming opponents are-

Patrick Willis (FUCK THE NINERS!)
Michael Vick (FUCK MIKE VICK!)

You should have NO trouble getting geeked up to beat those fuck-os, right? If we got past Vick, we'd probably get Drew Brees- Great guy, but we can kick his ass again! We have until the 27th to vote in our first round matchup against Willis- Hopefully we'll win that one, and by then we'll build a grass-roots movement supporting FANS on the cover of Madden 12- In this time of labor uncertainty, who could argue against a group of NFL fans getting a moment in the sun on the cover of Madden?

Let's make this happen, y'all. And if you are worried about the "Madden Curse?" Seriously- Fuck off. If you really believe in that shit? Fuck. OFF. You might as well think the Earth is flat or that rats come from bales of hay. Yeesh. Ignorant rubes.


Eric Flatness said...

They need to give out those flags more often. They're sweet.

From what I've seen, there seems to be a lot of support for putting the fans on the cover of this iteration. Here's hoping.

Jeff said...

The 12th man is already whispered along NFL circles as a tough factor. On playoff games, the 12th is legendary. How could we translate that to a level above, and make NFL teams fear us? I mean real intimidating in your face fear where they can't really focus on football because they are in awe of the 12th?