April 2, 2011

Birthday and QB Thoughts

I turn 36 on Monday, and I've been a Seahawks fan for 28 of those years. My relationship with the Seahawks is longer than any other one I've had in my life beside my parents and older siblings- Friendships, romantic relationships, schools, jobs, homes have come and gone by the dozens but my connection to the Seattle Seahawks has thrived through it all. I'm waiting to hear about this job I interviewed for in Orlando, and if I get it the first thing I'll do when I move there is hook up Sunday Ticket so I can watch the Seahawks. Is that awesome or sad? :)

Here's Patton Oswalt on why I shouldn't bother celebrating my birthday until 2015:

Anyway, on to some other Seahawks-related thoughts:

I've blathered about this on Twitter, but I might as well "officially" summarize my position on the Seahawks QB situation here on the blog:

-My first choice would be a trade of our #25 pick in the first round for Kevin Kolb. I think that Kolb is going to be a better NFL QB than Ryan Mallett or Jake Locker. I also doubt that either of those guys will still be on the board when we pick in Round 1. Obviously that's dependent on Judge Nelson blocking the lockout on or after April 6th, so draft-day trades can include players. If we're able to, I think it makes sense to give up as much as our 1st and a 4th for Kolb. I also like the symmetry of trading for Kolb 10 years after we traded a 1st for one Matthew Hasselbeck (not to mention- We've had TERRIBLE fortune with QBs acquired via high draft picks).

-Speaking of Hasselbeck, I'd love to have him back IF we can't deal for Kolb. Without Kolb, even if we got our hands on Locker or Mallett, I wouldn't want one of those guys starting in 2011. Finally, if we end up having to settle for a 2nd-round-or-lower QB prospect, we NEED Hasselbeck under center in 2011. Again, all Hasselbeck scenarios hinge on when the lockout ends. I don't think the front office will overpay for Beck, even if he might end up on the roster of a division rival.

-I'm not very excited about ANY of the other QB possibilities via trade of free agency, but I'd prefer Kyle Orton over Carson Palmer and the rest of those jokers.

-I also don't want to see us mortgage the future by trading picks to move up and snag Newton or Gabbard. We have too many roster holes to fill, and frankly I don't see either of those guys developing into franchise QBs.

-My gut feeling is that Kevin Kolb is Seattle's starting QB next fall, and that Matt Hasselbeck will end up in Minnesota (continuing that franchise's history of picking up veteran QBs at the tail end of their careers: Moon, Cunningham, Jeff George, Favre, etc).

What do you think, sirs?


Geoff said...

I too would love for us to get Keven Kolb over all other options available to us. Unfortunately, I don't see the lockout ending before the draft.

If we were to draft a QB as our future starter, I have no problem with either Mallett or Locker should they fall to us at #25.

Keep up the good work and happy birthday!

Lloyd said...

If it comes down to Locker vs. Mallet, I prefer Locker. Mallet reminds me too much of Dan Maguire, but with a worse attitude.

neurocell said...

Happy birthday.

The_hefdaddy said...

I would prefer Kolb out of all the choices given as well. Hass to Minnesota would break my heart...so it is very likely to happen