June 13, 2011

The Forgotten Years (1992-1998): Top 10 Players (6-10)

First, the ground rules- History isn't as neat and clean as we'd like sometimes, and some great Seahawk careers of the Knox and Holmgren eras bled a bit into the forgotten years. This exercise is about honoring the increasingly faded memories of '90s Seahawks, so I will focus on players whose primary contribution to team history came between 1992 and 1998. A partial list of players banned (so to speak) from consideration:

-Chad Brown (1997-1998)
-Jeff Bryant (1992-1993)
-Joe Nash (1992-1995)
-Walter Jones (1997-1998)
-Rufus Porter (1992-1994)
-Eugene Robinson (1992-1995)
-Mack Strong (1994-1998)
-John L. Williams (1992-1993)

Here's the bottom half of my top 10:

10. Steve Broussard (KR/RB, 1995-1998)
The former Wazzu superstar ended his NFL career in Seattle mostly as a workhorse kickoff returner- His 165 kick returns and 3900 kickoff return yards are both franchise records. His 23.6 average per return is comparable to two of the most famous kick returners in team history: Charlie Rogers and Bobby Joe Edmonds (Broussard's numbers are slightly better than Edmonds', slightly worse than Rogers'). Broussard also had some brilliant flashes as a running back- Here's one:

9. Pete Kendall (LG, 1996-1998)
8. Kevin Mawae (C/RG 1994-1997)

Both these players became much more well-known AFTER leaving Seattle, but they anchored a surprisingly decent offensive line in the mid-90s, opening up holes for Chris Warren and keeping Warren Moon relatively clean.

7. Warren Moon (QB, 1997-1998)
It's fairly depressing that the best Seahawks QB between Krieg and Hasselbeck was a 41-year-old originally signed to back up John Melvin "Deep" Friesz, but here we are. The Seattle years are a largely forgotten chapter in Moon's Hall of Fame career to those outside of South Alaska, but for a brief period he played QB as well as anyone else in team history. Moon (albeit in a smaller number of games) put up QB rating, yards per game and yards per attempt numbers almost identical to Krieg's and Hasselbeck's during his Seahawks tenure.

Two side notes: Moon almost bumped Dave Krieg as Seattle's QB in 1984, but decided to sign with the Oilers rather than the Seahawks coming out of the CFL. Also, I owned a Warren Moon Seahawks jersey, and it looked AWESOME. After he signed with the Chiefs, I stupidly gave it away to my best friend's girlfriend at the time... still regret that. Here's a sweet Moon TD pass:

6. Darryl Williams (FS, 1996-1998)
Williams spent most of his career with the Bengals, but the peak of his career was in Seattle, where he made his lone Pro Bowl appearance after the 1997 season. His 20 Seahawk-era interceptions are equal to the pick totals of Marcus Trufant and Shawn Springs, and he was an intimidating force in the deep middle of the Seattle defense. In other words? He could fuck shit up. Observe:

Yeah, I've linked to that a lot. So what? It's AWESOME.

There you go- Top 5 coming soon. Who do you think it will be, sirs?

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