September 23, 2011

A Brief Word From Your Author

One of the secrets of good blogging? Differentiation. No one wants to go somewhere and read the same groupthink pieces they can see anywhere else. People want to see original content from a unique point of view (at least, that's what I tell myself to justify the continuing existence of this blog). With this principle in mind, I'm letting everyone know this right now: I won't be talking about the 2012 draft until the 2011 season is over- and I don't mean "over" in terms of mathematical elimination or some sort of conventional wisdom that "it's over."

I mean the earliest you will see me talk about the 2012 draft on this blog is after time runs out on the last Seahawks game of the 2011 season. You can go to dozens of other places online and see speculation about where the Seahawks might draft and who they might select- There is nothing I can add to this discussion other than angry spittle and vitriol, so I am disengaging from it (I reserve the right to go on the occassional twitter rampage on this topic, but I am not going to rehash it over and over on these pages).

So if you want to read about and discuss the 2011 season as it is happening, you'll get a LOT of that here- If you want to talk about how we should "Suck for Luck" or other such drivel, I will kindly ask you to take it elsewhere.

Keep an eye over on the ol' twitter account this Sunday- I will be tweeting live from Seahawks Stadium before, during and after our glorious victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

What do you think, sirs?


Geoff said...

Amen, brother. Seems like all the blogs and different sites can think about is who our QB will be a year from now. Hell, judging by PC's blind, unwavering support for T. Jack, it looks as if all he can think of Luck and Co.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who cares about the here and now. Keep up the good work!

HawtSoop said...

Couldn't agree more... and that Sir is why I check this blog several times a day to see if you've shared anymore...

Keep up the good work!