October 27, 2011

Yup. I'm Still Pissed.

It's pretty irrational for me to still be personally angry at Charlie Whitehurst over his performance on Sunday- But then again, it's pretty irrational to be so emotionally invested in what a fairly random collection of handsomely paid athletes do on a weekly basis thousands of miles away... So off we go again.

I can't shake a deep feeling of disdain and disgust towards Charlie Whitehurst right now, and that's based in a deeply-held conviction that the other 52 Seahawks, all the coaches, and even myself all gave our maximum levels of effort last Sunday. Maybe it's all just appearance and perception, but I don't feel like Whitehurst was adequately invested in or prepared for the game in Cleveland. His approach has always seems pretty lackadaisical, but on Sunday the kid seemed damn-near narcoleptic.

Now you may say that isn't relevant, or you might say that Shaun Alexander infuriated you in the same way- But there's a fairly big difference: Alexander, for whatever his flaws, PRODUCED. Yes, Charlie Whitehurst has performed adequately enough for Seattle to win a couple of games with him at QB- but to say that he has produced commensurate to what we gave up to get him, or to argue that he still deserves any consideration as Seattle's starting QB- is laughable. I truly believe that he has no future as an NFL QB after this season.

It's well-known that I've never been a Whitehurst fan, and I'll admit that part of my anger comes from these simple facts: If he makes ONE fucking play on Sunday, the Seahawks win- and instead of dealing with a gauntlet of smug Cleveland fuck-os, or with a mouth-breathing Dallas fan asking me IF I CRIED after the game (GRRRR), I'd be basking in the afterglow of victory and our team would be 3-3.

For at least one more week, however, I MIGHT have to psyche myself into rooting for Whitehurst again in the event Tarvaris Jackson cannot play. The good news is that at home in Seahawks Stadium he is unlikely to play as badly as he did at Cleveland, and if he simply avoids turnovers Seattle can probably scratch out a victory via dominance on defense and special teams... but I'd be way happier if I never saw Beef Supreme take another snap in a Seahawks uniform.

If CW plays on Sunday, he'll undoubtably have rough moments. At those moments, he might get booed- I don't think Seahawks fans should EVER boo their team, but if anyone who was chanting "CHAR-LIE!" a few weeks ago turns around and boos the poor schmuck now, I would love to tar and feather those stupid motherfuckers.

What do you think, sirs?


david said...


Eric Flatness said...

Wait, a DALLAS fan asked YOU about crying after a football match? How quickly do we forget Tony Romo, the one that INVENTED crying after football matches.

Geoff said...

I want to know how little Carroll values Portis to not have put him in at all last week. Even the Browns fans around me AG the game kept asking, "don't you guys have ANYONE else??"