December 27, 2011

Bottom 5 WORST Seahawks Regular Season Finales

I usually try to emphasize the positive here on my blog, but I'm depressed and pissed off right now, so here's the five WORST regular season finales in Seahawks history. Fuck.

5. 12/23/00 Bills 42 @ Seahawks 23
The Seahawks were coming off an emotional victory over the hated Raiders, and I hoped they'd close the 2000 season strong by beating Doug Flutie and the Bills in front of a national TV audience. Instead, they face-planted in their final game ever at Husky Stadium, coughing up four turnovers and letting Flutie go apeshit for 397 total yards and three TDs.

4. 1/2/00 Jets 19, Seahawks 9
If the Seahawks could beat the Jets, they'd get some small measure of payback for Testaverde's "Phantom Touchdown" the previous season, and they'd win the AFC West title. Unfortunately the Hawks let Curtis Martin ramble for 154 demoralizing, clock-chewing yards and slowly faded into what felt like an inevitable defeat. The loss forced us Twelves to root for the FUCKING RAIDERS to beat Kansas City so Seattle could back into its first playoff berth since 1988. Yes, it was great that Oakland delivered, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who needed to take a long, hot shower after rooting for those asswedges.

3. 12/27/87 Chiefs 41, Seahawks 20
With a win over the 3-11 bottom-feeding Chiefs, the Seahawks would earn a home playoff game on Wild Card Weekend against the Houston Oilers. The Seahawks had just went on the road and bested the mighty Chicago Bears, so this would be easy-peasy, right? The problem? This one was at Arrowhead, and the Seahawks couldn't beat the 1976 Bucs if they played them at Arrowhead back in the 1980s...

Bill Kenney (who?) outgunned Dave Krieg and the Chiefs turned a 24-20 3rd-quarter brawl into a 41-20 pancaking by the final whistle. To make it even worse, Curt Warner would get injured and miss Seattle's Wild Card game at the Astrodome (which we'd lose 23-20 in OT).

2. 12/15/84 Broncos 31 @ Seahawks 14
With a win, the Seahawks would have won the AFC West and earned a first-round bye before hosting a divisional playoff game. The Kingdome crowd was cranked up to full volume to will Seattle to a victory, but the players didn't hold up their end of the bargain. The Broncos were badly outgained and lost the turnover battle (Elway threw FOUR interceptions), but somehow managed a relatively easy 31-14 victory. Instead of a bye week, the Seahawks had to bludgeon the Raiders to death before limping to Miami and getting carved to bits by Dan Marino.

1. 12/23/89 Redskins 29 @ Seahawks 0
I was overjoyed when my father got us tickets to Steve Largent's final game- I was 14 years old, and I spent WAY too much time fantasizing about how spectacular Largent's finale would be... I settled on the idea that he'd catch the winning TD in overtime, and just keep going into the tunnel- a perfect Ted Williams-esque finish!

Nope. Largent went out quietly with only 41 yards on 2 receptions, and the Seahawks sleepwalked to a shameful 29-0 defeat. Yes, the Seahawks made me cry that day. Jerks.

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Campanero said...

I watched that game while I was on vacation. I have the Largent-sitting-in-the-bench-in-total-disbelief image on my mind… next to the phantom rushing-roethlisberger-TD in XL. Sad memories