August 28, 2012

Your 2012 Seahawks Jersey Buying Guide

Back in the Spring of 2007, I brushed aside my better judgment and bought a Josh Brown jersey. I knew that he only had one year left on his contract... But he made all those game-winning kicks in 2006! And it would be cool to wear a kicker's jersey! We all know what happened- I got one year of use out of the damn thing before The Traitor Josh Brown bolted for St. Louis. I recouped less than half of my $75 investment reselling it on eBay, and learned a hard lesson about NFL jersey purchases: If you choose poorly, you'll be pissing away your hard-earned cash. Thus, I started this annual guide to jersey-buying. The big twist this season is the introduction of the new Nike jerseys. Yeah, they look awesome- But the price of a replica jersey has increased 33% from $75 to $100. This year it's even more important than usual to get this decision right.

I'll be setting aside the following options: #12 Fan jerseys, customized jerseys, and throwbacks. I've changed my mind about #12 jerseys- Under Pete Carroll almost ANY player's jersey is a $100 gamble, so I can't blame anyone for playing it safe and deciding to go with a "FAN" model. But for those of you who are a bit less risk-averse, I'll be sticking to current players whose jerseys are readily available on sites like, the Seahawks Pro Shop, etc. Also, I'm focusing on the $100 models, not the more expensive varieties.

My criteria include length of current contract, likelihood of sticking with the team (Hell, they already printed up Nike BMW jerseys and BOOM.. He's cut), quality of performance/character, durability, and originality. One side note that I think needs repeating: NEVER PUT YOUR JERSEY IN THE DRYER! Dryers kill jerseys! Don't do it under any circumstances. With proper care, these new Nike dudes should hold up for a nice, long spell. If possible, wash them on the delicate cycle in cold water by themselves. Also, they run a size smaller than the old Reebok replicas. For example, I wore a Large Reebok jersey, but wisely bumped that up to XL for my Nike Marshawn Lynch jersey. Onto the rankings! (Side note- If you've seen jerseys for other players in store back home in Washington State, let us know who and where in the comments section)

9. Mike Williams 
Nike chose poorly printing these up. The good news is that they are already on sale, I guess. If the Seahawks wanted to be extra nice to their fans, they'd do what my Columbus Blue Jackets did back in March- Offer to let fans swap the name on the jerseys they JUST bought for free. Hey Seahawks- Let people who plunked down $100 on a BMW jersey come down to the Pro Shop and get them transformed into Braylon Edwards jerseys, yo!

8. Matt Flynn
It's pretty obvious that the NFL and Nike thought Flynn was going to win the QB1 job in Seattle, given how many Flynn jerseys were printed up- but unless you're a family member or a HUGE LSU fan there's little reason to buy his jersey until the moment he wins back the starting job, either by injury or ineffectiveness from Wilson.

7. Zach Miller
There are two big reasons I'd avoid buying Zach Miller's jersey: Concussions, and Kellen Winslow Jr. His production could dip this year because of both factors. I hope the guy can stay healthy, and if so I think he's a really important asset to the team, but I wouldn't buy his jersey right now.

6. Sidney Rice
I have a weird thing where I don't like wearing the jersey of an injured player- Just a personal quirk of mine. Even though I think Rice could end up in the Pro Bowl if he can stay on the field, his injury-riddled history would make me very hesitant to buy his jersey. 

5. Marshawn Lynch 
I bought a Lynch jersey IMMEDIATELY after the new Nike jerseys were released. Then the DUI arrest happened. Crap. I don't exactly regret the purchase, but if I'm being honest I probably would have gotten another player's jersey if I was in the market for one AFTER he got arrested. A Lynch jersey is still a respectable buy, though- If he can avoid a suspension he has a decent chance to lead the NFL in rushing this season, and he's also the author of the single greatest play in Seahawks history. He also won't be a free agent until 2016, so unless the arrest/threat of suspension really bothers you, his jersey is still an excellent purchase.

4. Doug Baldwin 
Baldwin is the definition of a "fan favorite." He's got the best twitter feed of any player on the team, and he seems genuinely down-to-Earth and relate-able. I'll never forget when he tweeted a pic of himself with a Twelve at Target, and #89 was wearing a Seahawks hoodie like HE was a fan or something- I just found that very cool, personally. Baldwin is also an awesome WR (duh) and he doesn't even become a restricted FA until 2014.

3. Kam Chancellor
If you want to wear the jersey of a God Damn Bad Ass, Kam-Bam is your best bet. He's the nastiest member of the Legion of Boom (by the way, where are the Sherman and Browner jerseys?) and he's stayed out of trouble off the field. My only concern? Right now he's scheduled to become a free agent after the 2013 season. I don't seem him leaving Seattle for a LONG time, but with PCJS you never know.

2. Earl Thomas
If there's a guy on the current roster who just SCREAMS "career Seahawk destined for the Ring of Honor," it's Earl Thomas. He's still the best player on the team, and by all accounts also a locker-room leader and solid citizen. Plus, he won't be a free agent until 2015. Very sensible buy.

1. Just wait until the team prints up a shit-load of Russell Wilson jerseys.
Who am I kidding? This is what you'll all end up doing anyway.

What do you think, sirs?

Side note: I'm looking to sell two tickets to the game Thursday. Face value is $90 but I'm willing to sell them for less than that. If you're interested, email me at dksb17 at gmail dot com. 


neurocell said...

I was able to get my Thomas' jersey at the Vancouver Mall's Champs for $80 (Thank you 20% discount card.). They had Rice Thomas, and Flynn Jerseys. Another store only had the Lynch jerseys (Why do stores get contracts to sell specific jerseys?), but Earl's was the one that I wanted. Well, that and 83. I like Lockette, but I wore that number for 10 seasons, so it's sentimental to me.

I knida would like to see the league replace Tatupu's name with Irvin. But since Lofa's been gone for a while, I wouldn't mind them charging two bucks for that. Williams to Edwards should be free.

Someone can be really ahead of the curve and wear Sweezy's 64. (Still think of Ron Essink when I see that number.)

travisness said...

I waited four months for a wolf gray #29. Worth the wait, says me.

Unknown said...

I got my Kam Chancellor jersey a week or so ago at

I also have my eye on an Earl Thomas (maybe in grey once I see how they look on the field), Red Bryant, and Lynch. I would love to find a Sherman jersey as well but that might be asking too much.

Chadwick said...

Season ending injuries can be your friend when buying a jersey. They are usually reduced in price once a player is inactive, so if you're reasonably sure they'll stick around for a few years, it's a good time to strike.

I also like to only buy jerseys of players who are integral enough that I won't mind wearing it after they've left. Jones (Walter), Hasselbeck, and Tatupu are good examples from my collection. On the other hand, my Branch and Rice jerseys may never be worn again.

Anonymous said...


josephtwalt said...

What I don't get is how Rob Ryan can TATTOO the jersey of a specific quarterback on his body, meanwhile I hem and haw over which jersey to buy my four year old son, which he'll outgrow in a year.