April 18, 2013

Seahawks 2013 Schedule: Instant Overreactions!

Here it is: The 2013 Seahawks Schedule!
(All times Pacific)

September 8: @ Panthers 10 am 
September 15: v Niners 5:30 pm (NBC) 
September 22: v Jaguars 1:25 pm 
September 29: @ Texans 10 am 
October 6: @ Colts 10 am
October 13: v Titans 1:05 pm 
October 17: @ Cardinals 5:25 pm (NFLN) 
October 28: @ Rams 5:40 pm (ESPN)  
November 3: v Buccaneers 1:05 pm 
November 10: @ Falcons 10 am 
November 17: v Vikings 1:25 pm 
December 2: v Saints 5:40 pm (ESPN) 
December 8: @ Niners 1:25 pm 
December 15: @ Giants 10 am 
December 22: v Cardinals 1:05 pm 
December 29: v Rams 1:25 pm

What jumps out to me? It's great that we've got at least four national TV games, particularly for an Northwest expatriate like myself. I like the early-season trip to Indianapolis (See y'all there!), and I LOVE the late-season placement of the bye week. Wrapping up the season with two divisional home games sets us up nicely to take the NFC West, and playing four out of our last six at home won't hurt us, either.

What do I HATE about the schedule? The early-autumn stretch where we play four out of five on the road, including two 10 am games and a road Thursday night game. I don't like being stuck with a 10 am game on the east coast on Kickoff Weekend, either. Out of six possible 10 am kickoffs, we got stuck with five. True or not, that just FEELS like the league office screwing with us, doesn't it?

That being said, I don't think that any scheduling configuration would derail the 2013 Seahawks. If you made me guess, I'd say that we'll finish 13-3, with the losses at Houston, Atlanta, and New York (Yes, we'll sweep SF and lock up the division with a week to spare). What do you guys think?

I'll probably (hopefully) make it out to the Niners game September 15, the Colts game in Indianapolis October 6, and one of the last two home games that bracket Christmas... and the playoff games at Seahawks Stadium too... Doy.

What are your reactions to the Seahawks schedule, y'all?


it's all in D Hans said...

I am excited that my annual road trip to Phoenix (from Albuquerque) is for a Thursday Night Football game. I had anticipated us to open the season as the SNF game for week 1. Close, but week 2 is almost as exciting. Although the early schedule road games are daunting, at least they are against opponents that we should OWN on the road :)

Sean Morgan said...

My last season in KS before moving back home to PA early next year. I was hoping to go to St. Louis but the game is a Monday Nighter...damn);
Won't be able to leave work early. I wouldn't mind being a zombie the next day to see a 'Hawks win.

Tanuj Kamineni said...

I like the schedule except having Five morning games. I thought the Sea vs Atl or NYG would have been a night game or 1pm PST start. I think Seattle has great chance to get 13 reg season wins