July 23, 2013

Brief Thoughts on the Eve of Training Camp...

Our franchise is about to field the best squad in their history. 

Think about that statement. Does ANYONE really object to it? Does anyone even want to make the case that the 2005 Seahawks were more talented, focused and primed for success than the 2013 Hawks? Then think about this: How often do fans of ANY team know this with such certainty before a season even begins? We are at a completely unprecedented moment in Seahawks history, and we all know it. That's why every ticket for every training camp practice and meaningful game has already been sold.

I can already hear the people out there telling me "not to jinx it." I can already sense the people telling me not to be cocky, and not to give any ammunition to the haters. Fuck. ALL. That.

First of all, I don't buy into any of that superstitious tripe. My confidence in the Seahawks' Super Bowl chances won't anger some obscure God of Fan Humility, who will then smite the Hawks. Secondly, I'm a FAN. I can scream from the mountaintop that the Seahawks rule, and it's not going to become "bulletin board" material for the Forty-Niners.

My first hope for the 2013 Seahawks is that they win the Super Bowl. My second hope is that they completely, irrevocably alter the mentality of Seahawks fans forever. I want the negativity to die. I want the hesitancy to embrace hope and possibility to wither into dust. I want "Same Old Seahawks" to become synonymous with blowout wins and championships instead of failure and disappointment.

Don't hedge! Don't equivocate! When someone asks you what you think the Seahawks will do this season, don't hesitate. You look them right in the eye and you tell them...

"The Seahawks are going to win the Super Bowl."

If you don't believe that, why not? What the fuck are you waiting for? What do they have to do to make you believe? Don't shy away from these stratospheric expectations! Hop on the Saturn V booster that is the 2013 Seahawks, strap in and ENJOY THE FUCKING RIDE.

Why deny yourself the boundless joy of watching Russell Wilson's first MVP season by wringing your hands about the possibility he might get hurt? Why distract yourself from watching the greatest defense in Seahawks history with concerns about Richard Sherman yapping too much? Stop borrowing worry, as they say. Relax and enjoy the greatest season of football you've seen in your life.

Who is with me?


neurocell said...

How is it that you always make us smile?

DKSB said...

I'm just spreading the truth around, my friend :)

Laird of Madrona said...

I'm in.

This is our time, and I won't waste any more of my life hand-wringing because I might be disappointed. I live in the heart of Enemy Territory, and I'm not going to let up until our season ends or we win the trophy.

monkey said...

Brilliantly put, agreed with each and every single word!

I am completely with you, this is something I've been preaching for so long I'd all but given up.
We fans need to embrace the high expectations that come with having a legitimately good team.
We need to forever move past this "I just want to fly under radar" mentaility (I LOATHE that thinking!) I personally never want ot hear those words again!
I don't want to fly low and hope no one notices! I want EVERYONE to see this thing coming! I want the media attention! I want the Seahawks to receive the Cowboys treatment form the media. I want to be the single most admired feared, hated and respected franchise on the planet, the one that no one really likes, but everyone is scared to play.
I want to see our players build a Seahawks tradition that in the future, when some formerly great player ala. Jerry Rice, wants to play out his last season in Seattle, and asks if he can wear a retired number, the fans don't think "sure why not?" but rather, EVERYONE gets upset at the very IDEA of our Seahawks tradition being besmirched.

I truly believe that this is not the Seahawks team I grew up with and have been following for over 35 years, this is a whole new breed of animal, one that's deadly serious about being champions, and being the best there is.

DJJeoff said...

What I've always loved about this blog is that you are ALL IN dude. In NY, it's not often that I run into Fellow 12's, but often when I do they are cynical and jaded. It's really a drag sometimes. Then I read your blog and I'm always like, "I want to party with that guy!" I'm definitely riding that train that you are conducting. Go Hawks!