August 28, 2013

(Kinda) Off-Topic: My Appearance on the Massive Report Podcast

Hey Twelves. Here's a quick one for you this morning (I promise I'll get back to writing about our Seahawks soon- Having three jobs is kicking my ass right now). I was invited to come talk on the Massive Report podcast, given that the Sounders are visiting Columbus this Saturday, and I have the unique perspective of a Crew supporter who is from the Pacific Northwest.

You can listen to it here. I come on at exactly the 45 minute mark.

I'm really happy with how the podcast went- So much so that I'm considering adding a podcast component to my Seahawks blog. I'm curious about the level of interest that would draw. Feel free to let fly in the comments about that, or with reactions to what I said in the Massive Report podcast.

What do you think, sirs?

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