October 11, 2009

Seahawks 41, Jaguars 0

I'm a Red Sox fan. Watching them crap away game 3 this afternoon hurt, but then the Seahawks dominated and it's like I got my mind wiped spotless at Lacuna or something. In a few short hours, we saw a season get completely turned around. Instead of trudging in a mopey stupor towards "wait til next year," now the Twelve Army is emboldened, knowing that they root for a legitimate playoff contender in the Seattle F**king Seahawks.

Sure it was just one game, but it was EXACTLY the kind of win a wounded but talented Seattle team needed. Despite still being shorthanded due to injuries, a formidable arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons was displayed today by the boys in blue. We have an elite, all-pro quality quarterback who now has a El Guapo-level plethora of dangerous receivers. We have a defense that can be absolutely suffocating (at least at Qwest Field), stocked with young talent that will keep this team competitive for years to come.

I want to talk a little more about Hasselbeck. The man is the soul of this team, and he proved that again today. Playing in pain, he made the right decisions under pressure and delivered a bushel of accurate passes. His performance was among the best of his Ring of Honor-bound Seattle career, and it's safe to say we'll see a lot more of these kind of exploits as long as we can keep #8 healthy.

So we dominated a talented but underachieving Jacksonville squad, and reminded the league they best not talk trash about Qwest Field and the Twelve Army that patrols its grounds... Next week is Arizona. They know what to expect from a trip to Qwest, but that doesn't mean they can handle what is coming their way.

By this time next week, we could be back in a tie for first atop the NFC West. Part of that would be a Texans win over the suddenly vulnerable Niners Duh, that game isn't until Oct. 25- The Niners have a bye this week.... but we can't control that. We can control what we do to the Cardinals, and I foresee a long painful afternoon for Kurt Warner and his minions.

What do you think, sirs?


spoonfulofpeter said...

I love Nick Reed. It was so fun to watch him get a chance to shine today, and boy did he ever.

I'm excited about the future of this team.

Next week is a big game. Then the bye week. We get healthy, and then our relatively weak second half of the schedule should provide us with a pretty decent chance of taking the division.

Go hawks.

Eric said...

F$%@ ESPN. Seriously, F$%@ them. This is the second Seattle win in a row they haven't covered on sportscenter. Scratch that, this is the second SHUTOUT they haven't covered on sportscenter. It's unbe-flippin-lievable. I mean, how can they not cover a 41-0 blowout? How can they not cover a defense that has two shutouts in one year? WHAT THE HELL! This frustrates me to no end. I even wrote about it in my column at the Bellevue College newspaper, the Jibsheet. It is so, ridiculous. I'm getting too angry about it, but Damn it, I want at least a sliver of coverage! IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE! Why are our wins the only ones that get cut?

bleedshawkblue said...

Love what Grant Wistrom said about Warner the MVP: "Hit him hard a few times and he becomes strictly average."

Here's another important Arizona stat: Their leading rusher is Tim Hightower who has 125 yards AFTER 4 (FOUR!!!!!!) GAMES. Hello, Pacman? Is our secondary thin enough for you to have become a Ruskell Guy yet?

Canadian 'Hawks Fan said...

Great win yesterday. We are a different team with 'Hass controlling the boys. The question remains: why can't they do the things they do at home on the road?

If they win next week, they are back in the drivers seat. After that, a well deserved BYE. Get back Trufant, Hill and maybe some other beef for the OL.

Cautiously optimistic!

Canadian 'Hawks Fan
(stranded in Toronto!)