October 26, 2009

We're in Barney

Yesterday I was all set to write an inspiring post about how the Seahawks were only one game out of first place, and how it was still anyone's division, etc. I even worked up a whole chart of the rest of the schedule showing how Seattle could steal the NFC West title...

Then the Cardinals came out of Giants Stadium with a win that made it feel like Seattle is way more than just two games out of first place. Right now no rational fan can argue that our team is as good as Arizona, and thus we are left with only one thing to fall back on: Faith.

We need faith, because there isn't much evidence to suport the idea that Seattle can win in Dallas on Sunday. Bunch of players injured? Blurg. Road game? Ugh. 10 am game? Blech. Game after the bye? Seahawks are 2-8 since 1999. Buh-arf. The main thing going in our favor is the possibility that this could be a "trap game" for the Cowboys, given that a huge showdown with Philly looms for them a week later.

The only thing that will turn this season around is an upset win on Sunday. It would be the Seahawks' biggest regular season road win since... wow... probably the division clinching win at the L.A. Coliseum in 1988? Seriously... When was the last time this team won a do-or-die game on the road where they were big underdogs? I can only really cite the win at Minnesota back in '03 from recent history.

This week the Seahawks need to defy the expectations of the media, the football world and, let's be honest, most of the Twelve Army. Win and anything is possible in a still-relevant 2009 season. Lose? Welcome to 6-10ville, my fellow Twelves.... and get used to more "Holmgren is coming back" rumors with each successive defeat.

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