April 21, 2010

The Seahawks will go 9-7 and win the NFC West

Yeah yeah, I know I'm crazier than Teddy Daniels on this one... but here's how it'll play out:

9/12 v SF W
9/19 @ DEN L
9/26 v SD L
10/3 @ STL W
10/10 BYE
10/17 @ CHI L
10/24 v AZ W
10/31 @ OAK W

11/7 v NYG L
11/14 @ AZ L
11/21 @ NO L
11/28 v KC W
12/5 v CAR W
12/12 @ SF W

12/19 v ATL L
12/26 @ TB W
1/2 v STL W

We win the west over the Niners based on a head-to-head sweep. 5-1 in the division, 5-3 at home, and 4-4 on the road (just like 2006).

What is your completely irrelvant, unfounded prediction? :)


bleedshawkblue said...

9-7 it is, with all that fresh, new talent on both sides of the ball.

Then, because everyone has jelled by year end, a Wild Card march to win the championship.

Branch gets a 3rd Super Bowl MVP for going 5/5 on 3rd down conversions and laying the wood on key blocks for 3 different TDs.

Then we cut him because both Williams boys play like top 10 picks for the next 12 years each.

Why not? We're undefeated in 2010 so far.

Eric said...

4-4 on the road? Considering the competition, it isn't impossible, but I still think its a little bit of wishful thinking. The toughest ones in my book are the win over Arizona and the win over Carolina. I think we lose both of those games, but somehow win against one of the contender teams. Maybe the Giants? We seem to have a good record at Qwest against them :P

MikeT said...

Not that crazy, man. Its only April, and shit happens, but our schedule does set up nice for 8-9 wins. Assuming, of course, that half our line isn't in sweat pants come week 12.

Ryan Nickum said...

Two wins against S.F.? I hope you're right, but Frank Gore ran for 200 yards against us last year and now he's running behind two first round picks and we haven't upgraded our defensive line. Maybe Earl Thomas won't get juked in traffic the way Babineaux did last year, but I don't know if we hit 9-7. I hope you're right though.

Kevin said...

Sorry man. I think we are going to win the LOSER of the division. We might be the worst team in the league this year - while that would suck.. as long as we are competitive and then end up with the pick that we need to get to pick up Jake Locker.. yeah, that's right I said it. If we loose, but fighting hard I KNOW we will turn this around quicker.

DKSB said...

First of all, your necktie is loose. You lose a game.

We might not be 9-7. But worst team in the NFL? No. Fucking. Way.

Eric said...

LOL DKSB, that's the exact same reaction I had when I read that post. "Loose" refers to Roethlisburger's understanding of the word "no". I guess that's what we get for studying the english language (though really, that should be common knowledge, just like "defense" instead of "defence".)
I lol at "worst team in the NFL". Things would have to go awfully wrong for us to be the worst in our division, much less worse than the other four teams that drafted before us. Hell, the Hawks will most likely be better than any other team with a top 10 pick. If our D-line overachieves (by a lot), this team could be a legit contender for a playoff spot. Nearly every other piece is there now.

Kevin said...

How can you day NO. FUCKING. WAY. How many games did we win last year? What have we done to make our team better this year, 5 - well that sucks? Just saying that if Matt, or WHEN, Matt goes down all hell is going to break loose (there better, sorry for a typo)and we could end up being at the bottom. So who sucked worse than us last year. Washington, Detroit, Tampa, St. Louis, and K.C. All of those team made major contributions to their teams in order to get better. While I think we will be better in the long run I don't think it's going to happen right now. Look, I love the Hawks, and I always have but I don't think this is going to be a good year, esp after Matt goes down. Sorry, but I hope I am totally wrong.

Eric said...

The Seahawks made as many upgrades as any of the teams you are talking about.
Last year, the Seahawks had no running game, thanks in part to an offense without an NFL quality left tackle, one worthwhile rusher and no passing attack. This year the team has Russell Okung, one of the best tackles in recent draft memory, two pro bowl rushers in Lendale White and Leon Washington, and an explosive young wide receiver in Golden Tate (though I think the passing game might still suffer).
On the defensive side, the D-line is still subpar, but the linebacking crew is still excellent and the secondary is much improved with the addition of two potential starters at safety and Thurmond as added depth (and future star if he stays healthy) at cornerback.
This team is equal or better in all aspects save or the D-line, and play against a very cushy schedule. They will win more games than they did last year. Whether that is one more game or 5 more games remains to be seen. But to say that this team is somehow going to fall behind the Rams, who are far more unstable than the Seahawks at all positions save maybe runningback, is a joke.

James said...

Kevin, I think the biggest problem here is the boner you have for Locker. You like to tell yourself and force yourself to beleive we will suck so that you can continue to dream of Locker in a seahawk jersey. But unless Locker magicly falls to the 15th-18th overall pick. The Hawks wont be getting him. You are possibly one of the most negitive seahawks fans I have ever met.

Kevin said...

@Eric. Good points. While I agree there have been upgrades I think turnovers and getting the other teams offense off the field will be hard if we don't have an outside pass rush. I agree the linebackers are good, and the secondary 'should' better with a healthy Trufant and Thomas. Boldin is gone so that helps with Josh Wilson being a little smaller, now we can double Fitzgerald and not worry, well worry as much. I still worry about the O-line and I agree Okung looks great, but I can't expect him to be Walter Jones. Walter Jones is one of those magical players that you see come along every once in a while. So I expect a drop off from when Walt was playing. While I think White and Washington (as well as Mike and Reggie Williams) are great acquisitions to the team just by the off chance it works out, if it doesn't, so be it nothing lost if nothing gained. I love the effort by Carroll. So will a sub-par line still sitting there I don't know if the running game will be any better. If Leon Washington doesn't have any issues with his leg... I will be happy and excited to see him play. My point about being behind St.Louis is if Matt goes down.. I love Matt I have 3 Jerseys of his, but I worry about how he can handle this season. He seemed to rush throws last year, like he didn't feel real confident in the pocket (but can you blame him?)so I worry about that part of the game too if Whithurst comes in it will be like having a rookie in there, so in that instance I think we are a wash with St. Louis - which is scary. We might not be dead last, but I don't think we are going to win many games - which freakin sucks.

@James My "boner" for Locker ha ha. I think Locker would be a great addition to the team. I would love for the Seahawks to a QB that can be a leader (like Matt) I honestly don't care WHO it is.. as long as it works out. I would have loved to have seen Colt McCoy come here and sit behind Matt this year and most likely compete next year for a starting job (since we don't know if the Seahawks are going to resign Matt after this year). So I am one of the most negative seahawk fans you have ever met. Well you have never met me at all. Second I said I think they will be good, but it takes time. Let's here what you think about them you think they are going to go 13-3 or something, win the west? right. Then you are one of the most delusional seahawk fans. How can I be negative if I say "I hope I am wrong" and "fighting hard I KNOW we will turn this around quicker"

Eric said...

Yeah, Okung isn't going to be another Jones, at least not in his first year, but Okung will almost certainly be better than everyone in the Left Tackle carousel last year, and we still won 5 games behind that line. We also upgraded at left guard with Hamilton and arguably upgraded with Locklear back at his natural position. And don't forget, now that the carousel has stopped, we might actually be able to use Carlson instead of having him block on every play. So I think it would be really hard for the offense to be nearly as bad as it was last year. In fact, i see moderate success from the battery. Even if Hasselbeck does go down (which, behind this stabilized O-line, is less likely than last year), I don't think there is a huge dropoff from Seneca Wallace to Whitehurst, though we will see pretty soon whether there is or not. I have my hopes high on the guy, especially since the draft.

As for turnovers, well, we never got those last year anyway :P