May 4, 2010

Bill Leavy: Roethlisberger's Enabler

Alright, first go read this...

Done? Wish you could unread it, don't you? Wish you could give your brain a nice, long, hot shower? Me too.

Here's the thing: If Bill Leavy and his minions hadn't handed Super Bowl XL to Roethlisberger and those other Yinzer fuck-sticks, none of this may have happened. A fairly called XL probably ends with a Seattle victory, and Big Ben's career in tatters.

Pishaw, you say? Let's not forget how fucking awful Roethlisberger played in XL. Two interceptions and a 22.6 QB rating. Worse than Tony Eason. Worse than Rex Grossman. Worse than... GASP! Neil O'Donnell.

Let's keep it simple. That ticky-tack hold isn't called on Sean Locklear. On the next play, Shaun Alexander punches it in from the 1, and the Seahawks take a 17-14 lead. On the ensuing possession, Marcus Trufant ices Seattle's first Super Bowl victory by stepping in front of another errant pass from Big Ben and returning it 75 yards for a touchdown. 24-14 is the final. Seattle wins, Pittsburgh loses, and Steelers Nation is out for blood.

Instead of being treated like royalty, Big Ben is heckled in public, seen as responsible for ANOTHER Pittsburgh Super Bowl failure. He is given no slack by the public or the media, which leads to one of two outcomes: He is forced to de-turd himself, and his advisors convince him to pursue more home-bound hobbies like playing Madden on XBOX Live, etc.... OR, he continues down the same path he would have anyway, but without the cloak of a Super Bowl win protecting him, he is run out of town post-haste and plays out the remainder of his career scuffling and struggling in Oakland.

On top of everything else, Bill Leavy, now we know you're in some small way responsible for a probable raper running around free.



christopher said...

While I do love this blog....Can we get another post about something? Anything? Nothing more blood curdling than going to my favorite grassroots Seahawks blog and seeing captain fuckface right on the top.


bleedshawkblue said...

captain fuckface!!! In lower case!!!