May 2, 2010

Nattering Nabobs of Negativity, You are on Notice.

Here is what every Seahawks fan should be very happy to see in 2010...

-Behind a revamped offensive line, Matt Hasselbeck puts together a season more like 2007 than 2009. He starts 13-16 games, and when he can't go, Charlie Whitehurst shows that he can lead this team and win some games.

-The 2010 Seahawks draft class has way more hits than misses, and ideally Okung and Thomas start down the path of being the next Big Walt and Ken Easley.

-The RB committee of JJ, Young Nastyman, Lendale and Leon (The Professional) revives Seattle's running game as a legitimate threat.

-John Carlson explodes into his prime with an All-Pro level season.

-Aaron Curry justifies his massive contract by concussing an assload of opposing QBs, Lofa Tatupu returns to form, and Leroy Hill gets his head surgically removed from his rump.

-Housh and Branch stay healthy and productive, Tate scares other teams to death with a handful of big plays, and Deon Butler proves that he deserves a roster spot.

-The team finishes 8-8.

Yeah, I said it... We should all dance jaunty little jigs if the Hawks win half their games. An improvement of three games is significant, and would show the Twelve Army that the Carroll era is off to a solid start...

But some folks out there (you know who you are), are pretty much rooting for the Seahawks to fail. Why? Because they are UW fans who have raging mega-hard boners for Jake Locker.

You know what? Fuck Jake Locker.

I don't give a shit about him, and I give even less of a poop-mound about the Huskies. Yeah, if the Seahawks implode this fall, we'll clearly need to use a high draft pick on a QB. But I'd want THE BEST QB FOR THE SEAHAWKS... be it Locker, Ryan Mallet, or some other rock-slingin' young'n.

If you truly want Jake Locker that badly... so badly that you openly or secretly want the Seahawks to fail this season... We don't need you on Sundays. You can put on your purple gear, hang out by the lake, watch that minor-league NCAA product, and stay the hell away from Qwest Field.

We are on the verge of great things. We are about to witness the first chapter of another great Seahawks saga... Knox, Holmgren, Carroll. Easley, Robinson, Thomas... and so on... and NONE of that bright future depends on getting one specific guy from the local college to play quarterback in 2011.

Who the fuck is with me?


JohnDoeAt30Below said...

I'm with you. I'm all in with Clipboard Jesus.

And a year from now we're going to be talking about McCoy being the steal of the draft.

Eric said...

I the fuck is with you!

Kevin said...

Great now you think I WANT them to fail. HA HA HA. That is funny. I just want them to be able to get a GREAT QB - WHOMEVER that may be so that after Matt leaves we have a great player to lead the team. I don't want to go through a revolving door at that position. Do you? It would be better if Whitehurst is "The Man". But I don't believe it. I hope it, but I don't expect it

JohnDoeAt30Below said...

Even if Jake Locker were the next Peyton - which he ain't - he is not going to be ready to win NFL games until the 2012 season, maybe longer. Heard much about Eli lately?

This team needs to build from the inside out and they've done that. The O-Line will be considerably better and the strenghtened secondary is going to make the D-Line look better while we look for more help there.

This team got younger, stronger and faster at just about every position. The O-Line should help Matt stay in more games and Whitehurst just might win games that Seneca would have lost.

This is a better team. This is a team that can win the division.

Kevin said...

...and I agree with you about Colt McCoy I would have loved to have him on our team.

Kevin said...

JohnDoeat30below... while I don't necessarily believe all that, I don't have a any reason NOT to believe it as well. This is a season of change.. change can be good or it can be bad. While bad tends to happen I hope that it's good. Like I said previously. If the Seahawks were to lose every game next year but play hard and competitive I would take that over last year. Right now W and L don't mean shit to mean since is this team really going to make a superbowl run next year, no - if it does that would be freakin awesome. So I hope the outlook that many have expressed is the way it rolls out. I personally think Jake Locker will be a great QB (but I guess people thought Eli, or Ryan Leaf, or Rick Mirer) would also fit that bill and it didn't happen. Maybe Whitehurst will be da man, but right now I don't know if I can consider him any better than Teel. I look forward to seeing them in preseason. Actually I look forward to seeing this entire team play in the preseason just to see who makes the team, who steps up, who wins roster spots..etc. I think it's exciting.

bleedshawkblue said...

I the fuck is with you 2.0!!!

8-8 is a lowball figure. This division is shitty enough to go 10-6, particularly since Carroll can win on the road...

Now, replacing Mack Strong, that will be the key.

MikeT said...

I too am the fuck with you! I think 7-9 wins is realistic, and it might be good enough to win the division. That being said, I just want to see SOME progress this year. I'll cheer like hell for the Seahawks, and if it means 7 wins, fine. But I agree with our humble host: You're either with us, or against us. GO HAWKS!!!

James said...

Owen Schmit is a god damn bad ass. I think soon enough he will be filling Mack's shoes. Just you watch.

Ryan Nickum said...

Easy tiger. Easy. Why don't you just wish that the Seahawks go 8-8 and that Locker suffers a minor injury that keeps him out of a few games and drops his draft value. Then the Seahawks pick him up in the middle of the first round and we all live happily ever after.

Tim said...


This notion that we should somehow tank a season that hasn't even started yet, just so we can get a QB who, let's not forget, helmed a winless season two years ago, is ludicrous.

Last season was incredibly frustrating on a number of levels, but even when the playoffs were mathematically out of reach, even while I was hoping that Mora would catch the ax at season's end, I was still rooting for the Seahawks to win through Week 17, because I'm a fan and that's what fans do.

Another thing to remember - we just drafted a number of rookies that look like they're going to be instrumental in turning this team around. If we regress to a 3-13 season, that means we're hoping those guys fail just so we can gamble on next year's rookies. Sorry, I think I'd rather bank on the ones we have right now.

Kevin said...

@Tim Who said we "should" tank the season?