June 24, 2010

In Defense of Golden Tate

"I officially hate Seattle! This traffic is AWFUL! I left the cubs game at 530 and have moved about a mile the last hour and a half! HELP!"
-Golden Tate, on his twitter account tonight.

This is already causing a spectacular collective hissyfit online, which is well-represented by the following tweets:

"your welcome to not sign your contract and go get drafted next year somewhere else."

"the back can read 'I steal doughnuts.' what an ass."

I'm not particularly offended by this, for a couple of reasons. Though I spent the first 24 years of my life in Washington state, I never actually lived IN Seattle (18 years in the Tri-Cities, 6 in Bellingham)... and I wholeheartedly agree with Tate on this tip: When I am stuck in that traffic, I hate Seattle too. When you throw in the incredibly high cost of living, Seattle isn't for everybody.

Seattle obviously has a lot of great qualities too, and Tate will figure that out (just like millions of others have.. why do you think the area keeps growing and growing and growing?). But to start hating on this dude, who might be one of the guys that leads us to promised land, over a FUCKING TWEET? That's fucking petulant and stupid, y'all.

Every Seattlite who is taking severe umbrage about this needs to A) lighten the fuck up and B) realize that the Seahawks have a REGIONAL fan base, and a non-trivial slice of the Twelve Army lives outside the Seattle metro area, spread from Anchorage to Boise and every point in between... and a lot of us non-Seattle fans, who drive or even fly long distances to attend games at Qwest, find plenty of little things about Seattle annoying too.

Once Tate is scoring touchdowns in blue and green, I doubt anyone will remember one frustrated tweet from June 2010.

What do you think, sirs?


patmcloughlin said...

Tate is proving himself to be nothing but a petulant child. Fans will forgive him, because they can't help themselves. I hope he matures into a man someday, but it appears he'll need a baby sitter for some time to come. One only hopes that his parents can beat some sense into him before one of these little episodes lands him in jail.

Johan said...

I think that geeting frustrated over traffic jams is very human indeed.

I also think that not realizing that you're a rookie now that hasn't caught a single pass for the Hawks yet and that maybe you can't be as rough with your comments as'd youd like is not very impressive...

Hey Golden, you're NCAA accomplishments doesn't mean squat any more. Play like a star and you'll get away with things like this but right now your ego is writing checks your fanbase won't cash...

bleedshawkblue said...

He's right. This is the most gutlessly retarded town in the nation concerning transportation.

Right wing bullies scream "Everyone that automatically oppose any and all ideas we didn't think of (like reinvesting in 50 year old transportation infrastructure that's falling apart so as to accommodate the 5 million or so people that move around in this area every day) must be GAY!!!" and Left Wing do-nothing pussy weasels do nothing because they are afraid of being yelled at for looking gay when it's time to invest, or they have their own axe to grind for a solution (monorail would cost at least 1/3 less than light rail, take half as long to build, and carry at least 1/3 more people) so businesses like Boeing leave town because they can't move dick through the number 1 most snarled traffic in the nation.

Enjoy that stadium you play in on Sunday, Golden, it and the one next to it are where we put the money that would have solved the traffic mess. Which is why we affectionately call Safeco and Qwest "The Guilty Pleasures".

Not that I mind, you understand, just calling it as a weather report.