July 18, 2010

Dreams They Complicate My Life

First of all, go see Inception. It's the best movie Christopher Nolan's ever made (and he made The Dark Knight, The Prestige, and Memento), and the best movie of 2010. If you don't like it, you're just plain WRONG.

Anyway, I'm using Inception as an excuse to talk about dreams.. Specifically, dreaming about the Seahawks. The Hawks are recurring characters in my dream state, and that's no big shock. I haven't missed a game since I was 8 years old, I still have season tickets despite moving to Ohio in 1999, and I rarely leave the house without some piece of Seahawks gear adorning my person.

For decades, I have spent countless hours daydreaming about the Seahawks, plotting out entire upcoming seasons with pen and paper (then in excel), and fixing Madden rosters so I could lead Seattle to championships despite my meager gaming skills... Anything that central to a person's psyche is going to pop up during REM sleep.

Unfortunately, any dream I have about the Seahawks results in disappointment upon waking. If I'm lucky and it's a positive dream where the Seahawks say, win the Super Bowl, I have the let-down when I wake up that it wasn't real. More often, it's a Seahawks nightmare, and while there is relief upon waking that it didn't really happen, I still curse my subconscious for torturing me. For example, I recently had a dream in which the Seahawks opened the 2010 season with a 75-7 loss to the Miami Dolphins... I awoke in a very agitated state until I realized... Hey, it's July... Hey we don't play Miami this season... Hey... even the 2009 Seahawks didn't lose games 75-7!

Some oddly depressing aspects to my Seahawks dreams: I'm NEVER a player. I'm almost always just a fan, and watching on television. Very rarely, I might be a coach or the owner in my dreams. It's as if my subconscious is saying "Woah, let's not get nuts, brah! No one's gonna buy that you PLAY for the Seahawks.. not even me!"

What are your Seahawks dreams like? And what did you think of Inception? Feel free to let fly with spoilers in the comments section...


Renee said...
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Sean said...

I dream the Seahawks changed the homefield song to a local artist and that Johnny helped us in the fight!


JasterBaster said...

I have this dream where I'm getting ready to kick a field goal for my High School team. I was a slot back but for some reason kicking was up to me that day. As I back up five steps and over three I think to myself "I Can Do This". As I run to the ball I realize that I'm in a Seahawks game and I was wrong- it's not a thirty yard kick, it's a fifty yarder. Then I notice that I don't have a kicking shoe on- instead I have a large gray moon-boot. Finally, I'm swinging my leg with all my might- only to find I've just tapped the top of the football resulting in a ten yard lazy roll down the field. Then, I hear Melvin from the Simpsons with his, " ha haa"- and the whole crowd joins in. I wake up. And I'm glad that I didn't have that creepy loose teeth dream instead.