July 10, 2010

Sadly, more ammo for the haters...

Hey, at least J-Force got his picture in the magazine, right?

I used to not be the biggest fan of fantasy football, until I started my own league with a bunch of friends from college/grad school and made up a shitload of crazy scoring rules, etc. I only participate in this single league, and I refuse to pick players from almost a quarter of the teams in the NFL (Niners, Cards, Rams, Steelers, Broncos, Raiders, Cowboys). On top of that, I won't start a player if his team is playing the Seahawks that week.

You are probably saying "Woah! You must suck at this!" Hang on... Over the last 3 years I've finished 2nd, 1st and 2nd in an 18-team league, so I'm doing ok. One thing that won't happen this year is my homertastic gobbling up of every available Seahawks player in sight...

I just picked up my NFL.com fantasy football magazine for this season, and it reminded me of a very unpleasant truth: The Seahawks sucked rocks last year.

Of course fantasy success doesn't equal team success, but damn... Not only were the Seahawks not very good last year, they committed another great sin: They were BORING. First, let's look at their 2010 projections for individual Seahawks:

QB: Matt Hasselbeck (27th), Charlie Whitehurst (37th)
RB: Leon Washington (50th), Justin Forsett (70th), Julius Jones (77th)
WR: T.J. Houshmandzadeh (39th), Deion Branch(67th), Golden Tate (76th)
TE: John Carlson (13th)
K: Olindo Mare (24th)
D: Seattle (27th)

Pathetic. Terrible. The partisan in me wanted to parse these rankings, argue with them, rant about how Beck will be back to his 03-05-07 form, how Young Nastyman is going to tear things up, and how Touchdown Jeebus is going to be one of the league's top TEs... But then I took another look at the raw data from 2009:

In the following categories, there were NO Seahawks making the list...

-Top 25 Rushers
-Top 25 Yards from Scrimmage
-Top 25 in Receiving Yards
-Top 20 Scorers (non-kickers)
-Top 20 Leaders in Interceptions
-Top 20 Leaders in Sacks

Housh was 18th in catches, Hass was 19th in passing yards (and 20th in passing TDs), and Mare was 16th in scoring amongst kickers. That's just a festival of sad, y'all.

This doesn't make me think the Seahawks won't compete for the NFC West crown this season, but it does make me want to stay away from our guys in the early rounds of any fantasy draft... Remember in Star Trek IV when the Federation dude sent out the message "avoid the planet Earth at all costs?" Yeah, Seahawks players are Earth. Cripes.


Mark said...

I got hammered last year for being a homer. Carlson had some great outtings but blocking duty kept him inconsistent. I admire your convictions...are you sticking to them this year?

Conor said...

Much as I'd love to have more Hawks in my NFL fantasy team (other than Forsett), my over-riding desire to win our little league will probably dictate who goes in and who misses out.

It's a shame, but here's to a hopeful season anyway!