November 19, 2010

My 11/19 Segment on 102.5 KZOK


What do you think, sirs?


Neil said...

Awesome man. Keep up the good work.

anthawk said...

Right on! We've heard the voice behind the beard! How cool was that? I think you did a great job getting your message across to the dreary hearted Seahawk fans. Now it's on to basic cable TV before replacing Rodney Harrison on network TV.

neurocell said...

Sorry but you'll never replace someone like Harrison. You're to articulate, rational and thoughtful. Guys like Harrison are apathetic and lack any skills other than an NFL resume and have almost as much talent as Brittany Spears.
Besides if you were to go national, you may have to temper your ideals like Mike Sando or John Clayton. Would you really want to do that? I'd like to see you make lots of money doing this, but I'd rather see you remain true to your heart, and keep your love of the Seahawks on your sleeve.
Good job on KZOK!

Mind of no mind said...

Good job! Most of what you said proved to be true. Williams was victimizing their short corners before he got injured, with Okung the Saints pass rush was minimal, and the ground game was moving but was hurt by two uncharacteristic fumbles, and Matt still looked great. And with the rest of the division losing, we’re in just as good of position to win the division as before the weekend. If Atlanta wins the South and the Saints come into Qwest as a wildcard, I really like our chances.