November 21, 2011

Double Flashback: Two Seahawks Playoff Wins Over the Redskins

Every once in a while, I'll reach back into the archives of my personal blog (which existed from 2002-2009 and more or less got killed by facebook, twitter and this blog) for classic posts about our Seahawks. This week is a great time to look back at the two victories among the top 10 in franchise history that came at the expense of the Washington Redskins: Our 20-10 2005 Divisional Playoff win and our 35-14 2007 Wild Card triumph... Enjoy!

January 14, 2006: Seahawks 20, Redskins 10

21 years of frustration… Gone.

I’m as giddy right now as Shaun was after Matt’s TD scamper in the 3rd quarter. What an amazing show of heart by the entire Seattle roster, overcoming the injury to Shaun Alexander and three giveaways to notch the win that sends us into the NFC title game (and sends me out west to scream my guts out at the biggest event in the history of Seattle sporting life)…

For me this was three hours on the verge of barfing all over my living room, but this team that I fell madly, rapturously in love with didn’t let me down. Matt threw no game-losing int, Bobby didn’t drop the game winning pass, Largent didn’t muff the hold on a key PAT, and Fredd Young didn’t have an interception waved off in OT… Instead, Matt made all the throws, Darrell Jackson had the game of his life (my god, D-Jack.. You are a fucking warrior. If I had a uterus I’d carry your baby a full nine…), and our O-line did just enough to let MoMo and Mack scratch out key yards. Above all, our underrated defense smothered the Skins like Nicholson in Cuckoo’s Nest. Special dap goes to the 67k who took the rain and made life even more miserable for DC’s offense…

Revel in this moment, everyone. Embrace this team and clutch them close to your heart, because we might not see another like them again. If you haven’t been a life-long fan, I offer amnesty from my taunts of bandwagonism at this point. Hop on for the ride, because we’re going all the way to Detroit!

Talk some shit to a Redskins fan (what will Mr. Tony DC dicklicker Kornheiser have to say on PTI Monday?)… Don’t concern yourself with the negatives right now. SA will be fine next week, and we’ll beat which ever team limps away from that Bears/Panthers bloodpisser tomorrow.

I have more celebrating to do, and I’ll be on a plane to Seattle Thursday morning!


January 5, 2008: Seahawks 35, Redskins 14

If the Seahawks go on to XLII, we might look back and consider one of the MANY defensive stands Seattle made to be particularly important. After the brain-scrambling fuckup on DC’s kickoff immediately after the bad guys took an 14-13 lead, the whole squad seemed to be imploding… falling behind 21-13 midway through the 4th may have been the deathblow, but the defense clamped down and DC’s kicker shat away a 30 yarder. We all know what went down after that.

It’s getting to be an cliche, isn’t it? Seahawks get overlooked, disrespected, and dismissed. Seahawks host playoff game; opponents dismiss the impact of the 12th Man. The Qwest Field crowd is louder than a Boeing Dreamliner, a bunch of crazy shit happens, and in dramatic fashion the Seahawks emerge victorious (and the losers admit the crowd noise was a factor).

Goddamn that was fun! I have no voice left, and I still have a headache, but it was totally worth it. The crowd NEVER let up all day. It was an experience I’ve never had at a sporting event outside of Qwest Field (or maybe Sox/Yankees at Fenway).

Some highlights of the day at the game:

-So I buy a poncho and a stocking cap at the Pro Shop, then it barely rains and they HAND OUT bright green stocking caps as we enter the stadium. Fuck.

-No Redskins fans befouled our immediate seating area, but in a moment of human empathy I came to the defense of a DC fan out in the Hot Dog line at half-time by recounting MY experience as a visiting fan in Cleveland. That seemed to defuse the situation.

-Um, what is up with like three guys at once going into the family restrooms? It’s not like the lines don’t move quickly, you dumb drunk fucks. I don’t plan to bring Jack to a game at Qwest for a while, but if I had a little kid at the game and saw that nasty shit I’d be pissed.

-I think the only times that I’ve heard Qwest louder than during/after Tru’s pick 6 were A) The entire NFC Championship game in ‘05 and B) Romo dropping the ball last year. The stadium seemed alive at that moment… It was amazing to experience.

The airing of grievances:

Where are you guys all at? All of you who were sure that Sean Taylor’s ghost would smother the Seahawks with burgundy ectoplasm? All of you who put sooooooo much emphasis on the Seattle defense allowing 44 points in a meaningless game? All of you who thought “momentum” was so important? All of you who thought DC would have an emotional edge, as if Seattle had nothing to play for (hmmm.. maybe for themselves, for the fans, etc)?

I’m not hearing a peep from any of you.. I wonder why. If we lived in a just world, so-called “experts” who spout lazy psuedo-analysis like I heard all week would be banished from the journalistic profession. However, they still have jobs and are getting ready to completely dismiss the Seattle Seahawks yet again. Fucking Come-swabs. Jesus.

(By the way, I love our chances in Green Bay, but I’ll be talking more about that later in the week)

Finally, I ask Unsilent Majority of KSK fame: If the Seahawks are “ass-spelunkers,” what does that make the Redskins? Oh, that’s right: Sitting at home for the rest of the playoffs watching the Hawks.

What do you think, sirs?

Bonus stuff- pictures from my day at the 2007 Wild Card game

and, of course... This:

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