November 29, 2011

Top 5 (OK, the only 5): Seahawks Beat Eagles!

The Seahawks must beat Philadelphia Thursday night to keep their slim playoff hopes alive, so I thought this would be a good time to look back at Seattle's previous five victories over the Eagles. Thankfully, all five were pretty awesome/memorable... Enjoy!

5. Seahawks 26, Eagles 14 (12/3/95)
The Hawks brought down the playoff-bound Eagles behind four Todd Peterson field goals and 93 yards on the ground from Chris Warren. Rick Mirer absorbed five sacks, but for once avoided turnovers and scampered for a rushing TD. Wow. Remember when we still had faint hopes of Mirer growing into a franchise QB? Historical sidenote? This one was a week before that EPIC comeback win at Mile High Stadium. Personal sidenote? I was having a little too much fun in the Fairhaven dorms at Western back then, so a lot of these mid-90s Seahawks games are kind of a big blue-and-green blur to me now...

4. Seahawks 24, Eagles 20 (11/23/86)
The Seahawks were 5-6 and losers of 5 of 6 (and 4 in a row) coming into this one against the 3-8 Eagles, who were led by rookie QB Randall Cunningham. The Hawks stole a win on the strength of three big plays: a 72-yard bomb from Dave Krieg to Daryl Turner, a blocked punt return for an Eric Lane TD, and a 75-yard punt return touchdown by Bobby Joe Edmonds. Seattle led 21-6 at the half and barely held onto to win... The most remarkable thing about this win? It was the start of the legendary stretch run of 1986. Hmm. Guess who is coming to town on Thursday as the Seahawks try to start another improbable late playoff push...

3. Seahawks 38 @ Eagles 0 (9/6/98)
If you didn't see this game, it's really difficult to understand the reaction of Seahawks fans at the time. The Hawks went cross country into that outhouse of a stadium called The Vet and DOMINATED the Eagles. In every phase of the game, the Seahawks looked Super Bowl Bound. Warren Moon tossed three TDs, Joey Galloway had 6 catches for 142 yards and 2 TDs, and we had a running back tandem of Ahman Green and Ricky Watters that looked unstoppable. The defense? They just posted three takeaways, nine sacks and a pick-six TD.

For one day, anything looked possible.

2. Seahawks 28 @ Eagles 24 (12/2/07)
In a game the Eagles had to win to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Seahawks went cross-country and snuffed Philly's season on a chilly Pennsylvania afternoon. Maurice Morris put the Seahawks up for good with a 45-yard touchdown dash in the 4th, but it took Lofa Tatupu's 3rd interception (just yards from Seattle's goal line) to finally seal an epic win in the final minute of play.

1. Seahawks 42 @ Eagles 0 (12/5/05)
The Seahawks were supposed to be exposed as West-Coast wusses on this Monday Night back in 2005... Noted caveman dipshit Mike Ditka picked Philly to win this one. Why? Because he didn't think a "dome team" could come out in the elements and win. Did it matter to Ditka that we hadn't played our home games in a dome for 6 years? Did he even KNOW? Of course not- Why bother to do your research on that weird bird team from South Alaska, right? Nobody gives a fuck about THEM.

The Hawks gave the whole NFL nation a forearm shiver right in the fuckin' chops that night- NFL MVP Shaun Alexander scored twice, but the big stories were Lofa Tatupu's trio of interceptions, and Seattle's triad of defensive TDs (2 by Lofa, and one by Andre Dyson). The Seahawks scored on their opening posession and never let Philly catch their breath in a smothering, dominating win.

We could use something like that Thursday night, boys. What do you think, sirs?


James said...

Watching that '05 game on a Monday night brings back great memories.

Being an outsourced Seahawks fan in Iowa I was outnumbered by Eagles fans in the local bar. But by God I got more belligerent after every TD and let them know who was kicking their asses on both sides of the ball!

The hangover the next morning was well worth the fun I had that night!

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, both the 07 and 05 wins were against eagles backup qbs. Here's to hoping Vick can't go.

Sam said...

Looks like we got what we were hoping for! A great, memorable win over the Eagles, although it seems pretty clear the Eagles aren't the dream team folks were talking about.

I don't think that should overshadow the fact that the Seahawks tonight gave us a wonderful glimpse of what they could be over the next few years with this very young team.