June 23, 2008


My wife likes to say that I have more toys than books in my office, and she's probably right. I loves me some McFarlane Figures, and for a long time I've wanted a Seahawk to sit on my desk alongside Carlton Fisk and Jonathan Papelbon.

My choices? Shaun Alexander (ugh) and Matt Hasselbeck (yay!)

However, to get my Hass, I had to buy Troy Fucking Polamalu. Why don't you twist the XL knife some more, you assbags? Jesus Christ... Come on.

So I'm gonna get this extraneous figure, and I welcome creative suggestions about how to dispose of it. :-]

(or, I might just sell it on eBay.. I haven't decided.)


Misfit said...

I say let him stay on display after painting his uniform to match that of an NFL referee...

Michael Steffes said...

I say get a Ben Rothlisberger and make it look like he is providing oral sex to Troy!