June 27, 2008

Top Ten Single Season Performances in Seahawks History

My previous post about Stan Gelbaugh in 1992 got me thinking: What were the 10 best single-season performances in team history? I'm not going to go all PFR and crunch all the numbers, but here's what I came up with off the top of my head:

10. Josh Brown (2006)
Yeah, we hate the guy now, but that little bald fucker was the difference back in 2006.

9. Patrick Kerney (2007)
Hopefully Kerney can at least come close to repeating his dominant performance from last season.

8. Steve Largent (1985)
Which Largent season to choose? The team only went 8-8 in 1985, but it was #80's best individual season.

7. Curt Warner (1983)
Who knows where Warner's career could have gone without that blown ACL in the '84 opener? We got a glimpse in 1983, where he showed flashes of Barry Sanders level brilliance.

6. Dave Krieg (1984)
5. Matt Hasselbeck (2007)
In '84 and '07, major injuries in the running game put the burden on the QB to carry the team. In these seasons Krieg and Hasselbeck delivered with career-best Pro Bowl performances.

4. Kenny Easley (1984)
The first Seahawk to be named defensive player of the year, and it was well deserved. Like Roy Batty, Easley was a light that burned twice as bright and half as long.

3. Cortez Kennedy (1992)
The only performance worth remembering from that lost 1992 season. Wearing #99 to honor fallen friend Jerome Brown, Tez annihilated the opposition and was named NFL defensive player of the year.

1. Shaun Alexander & Walter Jones (2005)
It's impossible to separate these two performances, so they share the top spot. Alexander delivered the (fleeting) single-season TD record and NFL MVP honors, but Big Walt not only blasted open holes for SA... He also kept Hass upright and slinging the bean around.

Both career-best performances were essential to our trip to XL.

What do you think, sirs?

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Michael Steffes said...

Dead on Ballz accurate my friend, not one thing I can disagree on.