June 25, 2008

Your memory is correct. Stan Gelbaugh WAS that bad in 1992.

Oh Stan... While you were tearing up the World League of American Football, abusing teams like the Orlando Thunder, little did you know that soon you'd turn in one of the worst seasons for a QB in NFL history.

According to Pro Football Reference, you were the worst QB in the NFL in 1992. Considering you led your team to its worst season ever, had a rating of 52.9, and inspired the team to draft a franchise QB the next spring... Let's just say I'm not surprised by PFR's findings.

But at least you gave us one awesome, majestic, memorable moment.


Skam said...

Regarding the "one awesome, majestic, memorable moment".... I was a senior in high school at the time, and at lunch there were about 10 of us that made football bets every Friday. I was actually nicknamed "the bookie" cause I usually won. Therefore they thought I was insane when I put out the offer to take my Hawks, giving only 3 points, on that MNF game. One guy took me up on it, and got our wager up to 16 bucks thinking I would wuss out. I didn't. Sweetest 16 bucks I ever earned.... (and the trash talk it allowed was glorious)

Martin W said...

The man is still a legend in England. Many happy memories of watching the Monarchs at Wembley.