April 25, 2009

Suck Broncos, Suck!

After trading for Denver's 2010 First Rounder, I think I can speak for all of Seahawks Nation when I say I hope Neckbeard leads the Donkeys to a gloriously disastrous 2009 season.

Would 1-15 be too much to hope for? Probably, but we can dream.


Mark said...

How ironic would it be, after all this Sanchez mishigos, if the Hawks were able to snag Bradford or McCoy next year because of this? Or maybe Taylor Mays (one can only hope). I officially have a reason to root against the Broncos again.

Also, I like the trade for Max Unger. He gives us a versatile guy on the interior of the O-Line. He'll play LG this year then take over for Spencer the season after if Spencer bombs. Great draft so far.

Michael Steffes said...

We dont want them to be too bad, the top 5 takes away a lot of flexibility.

Preferably they would suck just enough to give us the 7th or 8th pick