April 30, 2009

What's next? Donut rain?

Wow! The Hawks had a great draft, picked up another 1st rounder for 2010, nabbed Ken Lucas and Justin Griffith, and managed to lock up Leroy Hill with a long-term deal. Nice week, huh? But here's some ways it could get better:

-The astonishing return of Jim Brown (as Seattle's starting RB)
-Tim Ruskell finds cure for Swine Flu
-NFL issues public apologies for Testaverde's Phantom TD, stopping the clock in the Ravens game back in '03, and Super Bowl XL
-1976 throwback unis for the Hawks/Bucs game this fall.. Both teams! Blue v. Pumpkin Orange!
-Qwest Field house band? Zep. From 1975. Kidnapped by Paul Allen and brought to the present with the time machine he had built underneath the EMP.

All in all, the Hawks just won April. Now let's translate that to some wins in January and February, dig?


Mark said...

I have to admit, when we signed Lucas and Griffin, my first thought was that we weren't going to have enough cap room to re-sign Hill, so this was an unexpected surprise for me, personally.

I actually think our LB corps might be improved over last year, no disrespect to JP. Curry is allegedly a much better cover LB than anyone we had last year, and Hill fits seamlessly into the role of pash rushing LB. I'm ready for the season to start today.

Mind of no mind said...

I'm hard pressed to remember an offseason this exciting in Seahawk history. Obviously you can't judge an offseason until after the actual season, but this one seems so solid, considering how much better we're going to be just from getting healthy before you factor in the moves.

Didn't we sign Nate Odomes and Howard "House" Ballard in the same offseason back in the 90's? For some reason I remember getting really excited when they both came on board, since they were both pro bowl players. But I was a really easily excitable kid back then when it came to the Hawks. I remember when I heard Mark McGwire was taking boxing leasons and he said it was really going to help him improve his footwork, I think I started dreaming playoffs. Hopefully this offseason works out better.