October 5, 2009

The Dusty, Windblown Future

Shit sucks.

I live in my mother-in-law's basement right now, and I don't have a job. My unemployment benefits run out in December, and I'm frantically looking for a job that will start by then. On top of that, I have another child arriving in under a month (which is great, but also terrifying).

Yeah, I know it's rough all over. I'm sure there are fans of the other 31 teams that are in very similar predicaments, but I was REALLY looking forward to the Seahawks being an ESCAPE from stupid reality, not a grim punctuation to it.

So here we are, with an absolute must-win game in early October. Seahawks history would tell us that this team is kaput. We don't have a great tradition of digging out of early season holes record-wise, unfortunately. I have to admit that a plunge into the abyss of another 4-12 season is MORE likely than an NFC West title at this point.

But I'm not ready to give up yet. I'm not ready to join the legions of naysayers, haters, and bandwagon-fleeing fairweathers. Until we are mathematically eliminated, I will not give up hope. If we are, I will still bear witness and root for the Seahawks to drag the opposition down with us into the pit of hopeless despair. I am dug into my subterranean hideout deeper than a tick, and it will take a bunker-buster to get rid of my ass.

I will be here until the bitter end, because I've invested too much time and emotion in this team, and frankly I don't have anything better to do. I can only hope that this Sunday they give us some reason to believe again.


Hawkgirl said...

Love your analogy about the tick.

For the record, I hope you're right. And I hope you get a job :)

mark said...

For the record I do not think the season is anywhere near over. But I would also like to state that I visit your Blog Daily and laugh most days (the others I cry because I am reading about a loss). But keep your head up both regarding the hawks and whatever else is going on. You have the most consistently entertaining sports site this side of Deadspin

Mind of no mind said...

Hey man, I was just watching Seahawks All Access on Foxsports Northwest when I noticed something pretty cool. I checked the Seahawks webpage and found it posted on there too. Check out the 35 second mark.


I hope this cheers you up at least a little. :)

DKSB said...

Cool! Thanks man!

Zem said...

1990 we went 0-3, finished 9-7.
1995 we started 2-6, finished 8-8

As bad as they've looked so far, its a long season, we get to 3-3 for the bye week, we are golden. I'm not mailing it in just yet.

Andrew said...

As bad as it may seem the last twenty games, just think of how poor Rams fans must feel. Their team is even worse, they have no good excuses, AND they are about to be bought by rush limbaugh. He makes Ken Behring look like Paul Allen as an owner.

Considering your willingness to be open about your political leanings and your humor in writing about such things, I fully expect an article soon about the potential sale of the Rams to rush limbaugh. I am giddy about it because it will create more reason to actually dislike St. Louis. Really, since 2002 it has been tough developing any genuine animosity toward NFC West teams. Let's hope that changes.