October 19, 2009

I don't want to say the season's over.... but I don't know how to finish that sentence.

This is where I'm supposed to go all Mitch Albom and talk about the birth of my daughter has put the NFL/Seahawks in proper perspective, blah blah blah. Unfortunately I don't feel that way this morning. Of course my daughter is way more important than any football game or football team, but the Seahawks have governed my emotional state for over a quarter century now, and even a beautiful little baby girl can't make a real dent in that.

Realistically, there is little chance that Seattle can make the playoffs. After a fairly brutal November schedule, the Seahawks will probably be 4-7, and 6-10 appears to be the most likely final record for this squad. Injuries have obviously played a part in this, but another pattern is unmistakable: Regardless of result, the Seahawks have played well one week, only to follow that with a putrid performance 7 days later. They have two blowout wins and two blowout losses, and all the evidence points to this conclusion: This is a talented team that is completely rudderless.

Jim Mora and his staff are ultimately responsible for this, and culpable for Seattle's apparent total lack of preparation yesterday. If Wisenhunt had been more aggressive in the second half, the final score would have been closer to 45-3. The Cardinal passing offense was rolling, and our offense was 1979-v-The-Rams inept.

The maddening thing? I really don't think that the 49ers or Cardinals are that much better than Seattle. Right now, on top of injuries, something is psychologically amiss with the Seahawks, and I have no idea how to fix it. If Mora, Knapp, etc want to earn their pay, they will figure it out over the next fortnight.

Want a ray of hope? The Cardinals and Niners could both easily lose to NYG/Houston next week, leaving us only one game out of first place. Last year SD won the AFC West at 8-8, and it isn't that crazy to think that could happen in our division this fall. Before anyone bitches about "not deserving" a playoff spot at 8-8, remember the Chargers felled the mighty Colts in the Wild Card game last January. I don't think any Bolts fan fails to cherish that memory, do you?

8-8 for Seattle means wins over Detroit, STL, Tampa Bay and Tennessee PLUS two more wins off this menu of games: @Dallas, @Minnesota, @AZ, SF, @HOU, @GB. No doubt: We have to start winning some games we aren't supposed to... like, now.

I'm not a pessimist. If Seattle can win at Dallas in two weeks (and these Cowboys aren't exactly of the 1992 vintage), everything will look shiny and new. But right now, I'm in what Bob Mould would call a Deep Karma Canyon, along with the rest of the Twelve Army.