March 14, 2010

Pre-DKSB Highlights: Seahawks 21, Cowboys 20

To steal a line from Jim Anchower, I know I haven't rapped at y'all for a while... In part this is because I've been doing stuff for other blogs like Field Gulls and No Logo Needed, but also because I've been dealing with some pretty serious writer's block.. Until that clears up, I'm digging up some gems from my old blog (pre-January 2008) and reposting them here... Here's my account of our 2006 Wild Card playoff win over the Cowboys... Enjoy!

While the national press is acting as if the only reason for Seattle’s win was Romo’s 100-megaton fuck-up, this was an inspiring performance by a battered, flawed, ferocious Seahawks club. Absolutely NOTHING has come easily for the Hawks this year, including this victory. Through injuries and adversity, they once again bit, clawed, shanked and gouged their way to a win (side note: The Hawks won the three regular season/playoff games I attended this year by a total of six points).

Specific moments really stick in my head:

-Jerramy Stevens’ two big touchdown catches. I’ve criticized him before, but also defended him against those who treated him like a puppy-maiming pederast… We don’t win the game without his performance.

-The safety.. Jennings causes the fumble… Lofa makes a great basketball play to keep the ball in bounds… Boulware grabs the ball, taps his feet inbounds like Steve Largent.. The TD was correctly reversed and turned into a safety, but it was a series of amazing individual efforts from our defense.

-The late Cowboys’ possession.. Lofa Tatupu and Julian Peterson combine on an amazing play to keep Jason Whitten from earning a game-ending first down (another play correctly overturned on replay in a generally well-officiated game)…

-The Romo play… watch Babs in the replay: He gets “blocked” by Gramatica, has to leap over Kelly Jennings, but still chases down the Dallas QB, keeping him from a first down or the go-ahead touchdown. Another stunning individual effort…

-From our own two, Shaun Alexander breaks off a game-clinching 22-yard dash. If anyone else EVER calls him soft or bitches about his running style, they’re going to get a punch in the dick from me.

I couldn’t be any prouder of these guys. Babs and Jennings were amazing at the corners, holding Owens and Glenn to a total of six catches for 67 yards… Pete Hunter came in off the street to make four tackles and recover a fumble… Peterson and Tatupu more than justified their Pro Bowl selections, and Bryce Fisher notched two sacks.

Hass got off to an awful start, but he made the big throws in the 2nd half to put us ahead… DB and Bobby collected a bushel of drive-saving catches, and our maligned offensive line gave up ZERO sacks.

The Seahawks also won their sixth game in a row against the “mighty” NFC east.

Enough of this positive stuff… Let’s get to the shameful joy!

-I wonder if T.O. still thinks that Dallas reporters could cover him as well as our secondary did. Two catches, and three drops by my count. Owens is no longer even close to a dominant player.

-My wife said that she felt bad for Tony Romo after he botched that snap. I guess I do on some larger, philosophical level… but my real emotions are the darkest, blackest, most brutal schadenfreude. Could there have been any more perfect ending? Before the kick, I was still very confident. My thought process was that they’d make the kick, then Hass would drive us close enough for JB to win it…

But to see Dallas lose because the media’s newest darling fucked up one of the most basic tasks in football? That, my friends, is magically delicious

So what was it like at Qwest Field?

-The 12th Man more than did its job, noticeably rattling the Cowboys on many occasions. However, I could also tell that the 5 pm start led to a more drunken, surly crowd. I was in line for the men’s room at one point, and I got treated to hearing a frat boy blather about how it was “bullshit” that women didn’t have to wait in as long of a line for the bathroom.. He even started yelling at girls going into the ladies room, which is a sure sign he’s a chick magnet.

Then this asswedge starts pounding on the locked door of the family bathroom, losing his place in the urinal line. I yelled back at him: “that move really worked out for you, huh?” Did I mention this guy also told everyone around him that he got arrested for public urination on Friday? Classy!

-After we failed on 4th and goal midway through the final quarter, the mood got very ugly and very negative. When the guy in front of me made some comment akin to the game being over, I snapped.


The next play? The game-turning safety. Thankfully he gave me props for helping him stay positive, rather than starting some shit…

-Particularly at the end, there was nothing but strangers hugging and delirious jubilation… Except for the three Cowboys fans sitting in front of us (including the punk with an obviously bootleg Staubach jersey he probably won at the county fair)…

Suck it, you Dallas fucks.