March 17, 2010

Ummm... Even I'm starting to panic a little... Umm... Even I overreact sometimes

I'm going to keep what I wrote in the heat of the moment up here, if only to keep myself humble. With some time to digest this move, and after reading some things from people I respect deeply, I feel better about this trade... For a good explanation why, head over to Seahawks Addicts...

So the Seahawks have just given Charlie Whitehurst a 2-year, $10 million contract, dropped from the #40 to #60 spot in this year's draft, and shipped a 2011 3rd-round pick to San Diego... all for a 28-year-old QB with ZERO NFL starts.

I'm obviously inclined to sit back and see how things play out before marching on the VMAC and hanging Carroll in effigy... But to paraphrase what Grand Moff Tarkin said to Darth Vader, you're taking an awful risk, Pete. This had better work.

We have to assume the Seahawks are not done making moves, and the Whitehurst trade means that Hasselbeck could easily be traded before the draft. Given that Beck is one of my favorite players, my mind wanders to how Behring ran Dave Krieg out of town too soon, and the next season was a 2-14 calamity.

These are either the bold moves that will pay off with a contending team in a couple of years, or the bat-shit crazy, desperate flailings of a cadre of jittery lunatics. Unfortunately, things could get very ugly for our Seahawks before we know which path the Carroll regime has traveled down...


JRuss said...

You're right. Chris at Seahawk Addicts did a super job with his response to the Whitehurst deal. His measured response was a balm for the many reactive comments that ended with a call to burn down Qwest.

Maybe your initial reaction was just jealously of the Whitehurst Wonder Beard.

Bring the beard mojo back. :)

bleedshawkblue said...

I think that Hass will stay another year, but The WonderBeard will see action as Mr. Awesome is getting the crap knocked out of him again this year.

O line anyone? And, IMHO, we never have replaced Mack Strong.

Great blocking will allow the janitor to get yards, man.