July 26, 2011

3 QBs Enter, 1 QB Leaves!

"Sounds like shit. What else we gonna do, go home?" - Lt. Aldo Raine

I don't like the moves the Seahawks made today. I hate that they let Matt Hasselbeck walk, and I can't say that I love the signings of Matt Leinart OR Tavaris Jackson. I can't think of a SINGLE example of a 3-way QB battle in an NFL training camp, let alone such a battle that resulted in a team having a successful season.

Here's the thing, though- I also thought the Seahawks shouldn't have drafted Lofa Tatupu, and I thought we should have drafted Michael Crabtree. My point? I know fuck-all, when you get down to it. I HAVE TO have faith that the Seahawks front office knows better than I do, that they have a plan, and that they are competent. I have NO CHOICE if I want to maintain my sanity. So, here's my positive spin-

We still have PLENTY of money to go make big moves in free agency, and frankly, we have to spend a shit ton of money to reach our spending obligations under the new CBA. Hopefully, very soon, I'll be writing another post about the amazing free agents heading to Seattle.

I've never seen a 3-way QB derby like this before- That fact is scary, but also exciting. We are about to see perhaps the most compelling training camp in team history (Man, we REALLY should have been on Hard Knocks, huh?), and we're also about to see some of the most important preseason games in franchise history as well. The winner gets to start at San Francisco week 1, so we should see all three men giving their absolute best efforts over the next six weeks.

Pete Carroll is NOT trying to "Suck to Get Luck." I don't agree with this strategy, but I can see what he is trying to do, and hope like Hell that it works. He hopes competition will produce at least ONE QB that can keep Seattle competitive in 2011, if not 2 or 3.

I'm not happy. Frankly, I'm pretty fucking depressed right now. But I'm still in, Coach.

What do you think, sirs?


Ricardo Slick said...

Nice spin! Fuck! I hate seeing Matt leave like this.. I always figured he'd finish his career in Seattle and then ride off into the sunset. But, like you, I still trust the front office knows what they're doing and "I'm in"!

spoonfulofpeter said...

I'm not to worried about it. I know people are quick to place the entire weight of a franchise on the shoulders of the QB (take for instance, all the haters/shipjumpers blaming Hass for everything last year when the offensive line was porous at best) but I think this will free up a lot of room to make other critical moves.

Come september I wouldn't be surprised to see a 70 yard Jackson to Rice TD in Seahawks jerseys on sportscenter.

Pool Ninja said...

dude, at least be consistent. you even wrote an article on why Hass has to go back in the regular season and now you're pist that the 'Hawks didn't sign him? seriously, check the mirror once in a while.

bleedshawkblue said...

Matt didn't have the wheels and the veteran supporting cast to thrive here, and the sunset of his career would have been spent in the training room as the revolving door of personnel changes allowed for too many vicious hits on his aging body.

Damn shame to me, too. He certainly squeezed the most he could out of his available talent, which is something to be very proud of. But, with so many holes in the supporting cast, the bleeding has to stop before any qb can make it. In the meantime, young guys with quick feet and a quick release are the only ones that stand a ghost of a chance here.

Now let's get a Pro Bowl fullback, and we will once again pave the way for the janitor to get yards. Then we can put a good leader out there and go to the promised land whether he has Jamarcus Russell's 70 yard arm or not.

DKSB said...

Pool Ninja,
Like many people, the Saints playoff game changed how I felt about a Hasselbeck return to the Seahawks. In addition, I have never argued that Hasselbeck was anything more than possibly the best of bad options, and that if we could upgrade, we should.

I also have an emotional connection to Hasselbeck, so it is jarring to actually see him go.

Over time, conditions change, facts change, minds change. To stay "consistent" while all that is happening is to embrace the Hobgoblin of little minds.

Pool Ninja said...

Oh DKSB, nostalgia doesn't win games, it was the right time to move away from Hass. Agree with you on hate to see him go and he'll forever be remembered as "Seattle's QB" but at age 35 and declining play, we needed to turn the page.

Love the blog by the by!

MTTHawk said...

Nice perspective, JP. It's hard to say goodbye to Matty Hass but we have to have faith PC & JS know what they're doing. Many questioned the Lofa pick and that turned out alright. Many also forget all the chants of "Dil-fer, Dil-fer" when Hass was at the controls at Husky Stadium in 2001.