July 25, 2011

Happy V-L Day!

The lockout ends today. There will be no labor apocalypse for the NFL, and the America's most popular and successful professional sports league will now enjoy 10 years of labor peace. This is a day for celebration, my fellow Twelves.

I predicted back in March that no regular season games would get wiped out, and I've rarely ever been happier to have a prediction proven right. It's been an ugly, messy, unpleasant process, but negotiations over BILLIONS of dollars of revenue are rarely neat and tidy. I want to thank Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith for getting their constituencies to step back from the brink, put aside their egos and hammer out a deal. For both Goodell and Smith, this 10-year CBA is their legacy, and it cements both not as dunderheaded nincompoops but as Responsible Stewards of the Game.

Our falls and winters will be filled with Seahawks football until 2021, with no possibility of a strike or a lockout. How sweet is that? I still think that the owners unnecessarily created this crisis, but I hold no ill will towards them now. How can I? There is a Seahawks game in SIXTEEN DAYS! WOOOOOOO!

Obviously, news is going to come fast a furious now- My twitter feed is a constant source of info and opinion for y'all, and of course I'll post here about the BIG news as it happens.

We Kept Calm and Carried On- Now let's watch some fuckin' football!

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