July 28, 2011

This guy? He's OURS now.

I'm out and about so this won't really be a proper blog post- but I'm still on a high from yesterday's signings of Robert Gallery and Sidney Rice, so I wanted to post SOMETHING. WOOOO!

I already miss Hasselbeck, but I LOVE these moves. If they can lock up Mebane, this will go down as an amazing FA period for the Seahawks (and I'll have to buy a Bane jersey, since I went on his twitter feed and promised I would if he re-signed with Seattle).

So how are you all feeling about the Seahawks today? Better than Tuesday, I hope!


seattlefan82 said...

Love the moves, might have some top players in our division now. Rice is huge. Veteran in gallery. Love it.

Ricardo Slick said...

Can't wait to see what Sidney Rice can do for the Hawks! I am feeling really pumped!

Natalie said...

As a Vikings fan, losing Sidney Rice definitely hurts. He is an incredible talent who, much like Cris Carter before him, manages to catch virtually everything thrown his way. I hope he'll be happy in Seattle as I, for one, will definitely miss seeing him in purple this fall.