November 20, 2011

Seahawks 24, Rams 7

"The NFL need to start fining QB's that throw the ball across my middle..." - Kam Chancellor on Twitter after today's game

It's easy to discount Seattle's 24-7 win at St. Louis today- I don't deny that the Rams are a franchise in free-fall right now, and Sam Bradford is regressing at such a rapid rate that comparisons to Rick Mirer become more apt with every passing week. You could also point out that bad, even GOD-AWFUL Seahawks teams (*cough" 2009 *cough*) in recent history have gone into that Dome and won games.

But they didn't win the WAY Seattle won today- and THAT'S why this win is significant and encouraging in addition to being absolutely essential. How many recent Seahawks teams would have imploded after T-Jack's two early (and ugly) interceptions? Would they have not only come back to win, but choked the opposition into complete submission? That's what your Seahawks did today, Twelves. Yes, there were still too many penalties... and yes, Tarvaris Jackson held the ball too long and took too many hits.

After giving up an early TD following a T-Jack pick which set STL up deep in Seattle territory, the Seahawks SNUFFED the Rams' offense. Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman were the most obvious stand-outs, but the entire defensive unit smothered any signs of life out of St. Louis' attack. It was an absolute joy to watch them work today.

For the 3rd week in a row, the Seahawks' offense maintained their commitment to the ground game- and it paid off more and more as the game progressed. I LOVED watching the Holmgren Hawks win with precision, and succeed by outsmarting and outscheming the enemy- but if the Seahawks are creating an identity as a mentally tough team that can overcome mistakes/adversity and physically abuse/dominate their opponents? That'd be pretty fucking sweet.

Tarvaris Jackson didn't have a great game, but he threw a Real-Genius-worthy frozen lazer to Sidney Rice for our first touchdown. He also deserves praise for settling down after those awful early picks and playing competently (again) with what is surely a painful injury. Jackson's toughness/leadership isn't enough by itself to stave off the drafting of our QB of the future next spring, but it's good enough for now. Leon Washington also had a standout performance, nearly breaking a couple of punt returns for TDs and setting the Seahawks up with good field position repeatedly.

It was satisfying beyond belief to hear "Sea-HAWKS" chants echoing through the Costco Warehouse the Rams call home late in the 4th quarter- It's even MORE satisfying to reflect on the sorry state of our divisional rivals, to whom many prematurely handed the NFC West title before the 2011 season began. How many thought that last year's week 17 loss at Seahawks Stadium was just a speed bump on STL's journey towards divisional dominance? What if that 7-9 mark was THEIR peak? It's a LONG road to the top for the Rams- a far longer and tougher journey than the one facing our young, hungry, vicious Seahawks.

Even against fairly pathetic opposition, beating a divisional rival in their building by 3 scores is a great step forward for a very young Seahawks team. Now we come home for three games against teams with losing records (including an MNF rematch with the forlorn Rams in three weeks), and 7-6 feels very plausible- Realistically, the Seahawks probably need to win out to steal an NFC Wild Card spot. I'll grant that it's probably too early to seriously think about that- But if we can beat these three fairly bad teams at home, THEN it will be somewhat less than bugfuck insane to legitimately think we have a shot at the post-season.

I'll be up in section 325 next Sunday, watching and wailing as we wallop DC. Sexy Rexy and his minions have NO chance. How awesome is it to feel hope, Twelves? Not just for the future, but hope (however faint) for THIS season?

I'm going to enjoy this ride until it ends, and I feel bad for those too wrapped up in next year's draft position to do likewise.

What do you think, sirs?


James Hunter-Smith said...

Great game, great win.

I'm stoked with how we're rebuilding and creating a fierce, hard-hitting identity.

But another aspect of the team that I'm MOST pleased with is the apparent unity between the players. It seems as if it's a vibrant locker room full of guys who respect and love to play alongside one another.

To me, that's just as important in growing and building a successful team.

What do you reckon JP?

neurocell said...

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!

Sorry, but... FUCK! I was just over at Seahawksdraftblog, and an inbred, vaginal blood-fart was talking about how winning isn't good. How it's screwed up our draft position. One of my brother-in-laws is a Dolphins fan, and he's tickled that they're winning right now. I can't believe that Hawk fans would stoop to that low.

Sorry I'm ranting, I just would've been banned from SDB if I'd have let that piss infected, cum bubble "jarhead" have it.

Why are there people like him out there?

Anyway, you don't need to reprint this if you don't want to, I just needed to vent to a kindred spirit that bleeds Seahawk Blue. Thanks, man. If you do reprint this... jarhead, next time you feel like spewing your logorrhea, refrain, and do something useful, such as performing fellatio on your neighbor's dog. Not only will you enjoy your normal activity, but it will also keep you away from the keyboard.

DKSB said...

Just read that thread over on Seahawks Draft Blog- Wow. That Jarhead dude represents EVERYTHING wrong with a certain segment of our fan base- He's so perfectly wrong it's almost like I could have created him just to criticize him.