September 4, 2012

Detailed Predictions for the 2012 Seahawks

Yesterday I posted my predictions for the entire NFL, which included #10winsandaplayoffspot for our Seahawks. Here's some of my big (and small) predictions for what should be a very enjoyable season for the Twelve army.

1) The season will end with a 31-28 OT loss at Green Bay in the Divisional Round of the NFC playoffs, but the Seahawks will show a new power is rising in the NFC by pushing the #1 seed Packers to the brink of defeat. The most memorable moment? A come-from-behind victory at San Francisco in the NFC Wild Card game (more on that below).

2) The Seahawks defense will rank among the NFL's top 5 in terms of yards allowed, points allowed, and takeaways. Earl Thomas will be the team's MVP, and will be selected to the Pro Bowl along with Kam Chancellor, Brandon Browner, and Defensive Rookie of the Year Bruce Irvin.

3) Russell Wilson will show us moments of brilliance, but also plenty of rookie mistakes. Thankfully, a dominant ground attack will conceal some of Wilson's vulnerabilities early in the season, and Marshawn Lynch will be named to the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro team after leading the NFL in rushing. Matt Flynn will start two games filling in for an injured Wilson, and lead the Seahawks to victory in both games.

4) Sidney Rice will stay healthy and be Seattle's leading reciever, held back from a spot in the Pro Bowl only because the reality of a rookie starting QB will make the Seahawks rely heavily on running the football.

5) Season by quarters: 1st = 3-1 (wins over AZ, DAL, STL); 2nd = 1-3 (upset win over DET); 3rd 3-1 (wins over MIN, NYJ, MIA); 4th 3-1 (wins over AZ, SF, STL). We'll go 5-1 in the division, 6-2 at home, and 4-4 on the road.

Five Memorable Games (in chronological order)

October 28th: Seahawks 27, Lions 26
The 3-4 Seahawks roll into Ford Field on a 3-game losing streak, and aren't given much of shot at beating the seemingly playoff-bound Lions. However, this is the day things start to "click" for Russell Wilson, who throws for 300+ yards and two touchdowns. Wilson also scores the winning touchdown in the waning seconds, but takes a brutal shot to the ribs in the process- He'll miss two games recovering from the injury.

November 11th: Seahawks 38, Jets 0
Tim Tebow has his worst day as an NFL quarterback- He is sacked 6 times and committs 5 turnovers. Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman both score on interception returns, and Matt Flynn throws for 350 yards and three touchdowns filling in for an injured Russell Wilson. The Seahawks are 6-4 and officially rolling.

December 23rd: Seahawks 24, 49ers 10
After a heart-breaking loss to the Bills in Toronto, the 8-6 Seahawks need to win their last two games to make it into the playoffs. The 10-4 Niners are unprepared for the ferocious onslaught of a wounded, desperate Seattle team. Marshawn Lynch batters the 49ers for 165 yards on 30 carries- twice he's pelted with Skittles by the Twelve Army after reaching the San Francisco end zone. Alex Smith is sacked 5 times and intercepted thrice, and the Niners limp out of town defeated.

December 30th: Seahawks 20, Rams 13
Jeff Fisher and the 5-10 Rams arrive in Seattle determined to keep the Seahawks out of the playoffs, and give the Seahawks a 60-minute fight. Wilson hits Doug Baldwin for the go-ahead touchdown with only 1:45 left in the game, and the NFC 6th Seed is secured when Kam Chancellor intercepts Sam Bradford deep in Seahawks territory with only 15 seconds left to play. The reward? A rematch with an amped-up and butt-hurt Niners squad at Candlestick Park.

January 5th (NFC Wild Card Game): Seahawks 24, Niners 20
It's unanimous everywhere but the Pacific Northwest: The big, bad Niners are going to exact terrible vengance upon the Seattle Seahawks. It looks that way for most of the game- The Niners lead 20-10 going into the 4th quarter. Then a 85-yard, 6 minute drive capped by a Robert Turbin 1-yard plunge gets the Seahawks within three with 7 minutes left. San Francisco responds with a punishing drive of their own that stalls in the Seattle red zone. With just over 2 minutes left, Red Bryant smothers a field goal attempt to extend the Niners' lead, and The Legend of Russell Wilson is truly born.

On a final drive that will echo in Seahawks legend forever, Wilson completes 5 passes for 60 yards, and scampers for an addition 20 yards (including a desperate dive for the first-down marker on 4th and 5 outside of field goal range). Within field goal range, the commentators talk about how Pete Carroll should play for overtime. Nope. Not Big Balls Pete. With only 21 seconds left to play, Wilson fires a Real-Genius-worthy LAZER to Braylon Edwards in the back of the end zone for the 17-yard winning touchdown. No Seahawks fan will forget where they are in that moment, and Pete Carroll will BARELY supress the urge to dance a jig in front of a sullen, defeated Jim Harbaugh.

There you go. What do you think, sirs?

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