September 16, 2012

Seahawks 27, Cowboys 7

There was a telling moment captured by the FOX cameras with about four minutes left in Seattle's 27-7 demolition of the Dallas Cowboys- Jason Garrett took out his challenge flag and handed it to one of his minions. He wouldn't need to use it. The Dallas coach had surrendered. The will of the Cowboys was broken.They were left in bloodied submission, limping to the team plane. The Seahawks saw what they wanted from Dallas, and they JUST FUCKING TOOK IT.

Wasn't that one of the most enjoyable days you've EVER spent watching the Seahawks? For most of our franchise's history, when we've had success we've tended to gain it by outsmarting, out-hustling, or outmaneuvering the opposition. Rarely would we see our Hawks physically dominate the enemy, so we got tagged as a "finesse" team. After today, I can assure that as long as Pete Carroll is our Coach, no one will EVER call us as a finesse team again.

After a first half that ended with Seattle leading but looking generally jittery and unsteady, the Hawks came out after the half Born Again Hard- They'd have methodical, punishing touchdown drives of 88 and 90 yards in the 3rd quarter, and a 14-play, 6-and-a-half minute 4th quarter drive to snuff any Dallas hopes of a miraculous comeback. Russell Wilson had way too many of us (myself included) wondering if Matt Flynn might need to step in for our MNF showdown against the Packers next week, but he settled down and ended up delivering an impressive, doubt-squashing, 112.7-rated performance. Marshawn Lynch battered the Cowboys front seven throughout the opening half, and MARAUDED through and over them in the second half, ending up with 122 yards and the death-blow touchdown. Golden Tate had three pivotal catches, but his blind-side 1st-degree-assault block on Sean Lee summed up Seattle's new mission statement: We Will Bury You.

The offense showed impressive signs of growth, and the special teams units put up our first ten points- But it's Seattle's defense that will give opposing coaches full-blown night terrors. Our defenders attack with blinding speed and vicious brutality- Jason Witten will someday end up in the Hall of Fame, but he seemed spooked and battered today after absorbing multiple shots from the Legion of Boom. By the 4th quarter, from Tony Romo to Dez Bryant the Cowboys had the look of a team that just wanted to get the fuck out of town.

In that 4th quarter, the Seahawks faced a 4th-and-1 in Dallas territory. They could have tried a long field goal. They could have tried to pin the Cowboys deep with a punt. None of the above. They went for it. It was a "Fuck You" call by Pete Carroll, as in: "Fuck You. We want that yard. You can't stop us. We're taking it."

We took it. And we're going to keep just taking things from the enemy all season. Yes, we're a very young team, and yes, stumbles and growing pains lie ahead. Yes, the NFC West looks like it's taken a MASSIVE leap forward overall. Yes, the mighty Green Bay Packers are coming to Seahawks Stadium for MNF next week. But now, they have to worry about US. They have to worry about what we want to take from them, and about how the fuck they can possibly stop us.

What do you think, sirs?

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Chef Jeff said...

Great write up. Encapsulates exactly where I'm at so far in this season as well.

The rest of the season could be complete and utter shit but we gang-raped the Cowboys (America's Team!) and wrecked their pretty little season.

All is well.