September 25, 2012

Seahawks 14, Packers 12

Let's get this out of the way: If I had been the official examining that final play last night, I probably would have called it an interception. The replacement ref situation has become the biggest on-field crisis in the NFL since the use of replacement players during the 1987 players' strike. The owners need to put aside their scorched-earth Randian ideology and cut a deal with the regular officials IMMEDIATELY to prevent any further damage to the game America is absolutely, utterly obsessed with.

OK- We good on that? Because no Seahawks fan should hesitate to celebrate this win. I'm writing this blog post in a public computer lab wearing my Lynch jersey, intentionally reminding the world that yes, there are Seahawks fans out there, and we are absolutely 100% OK with "winning that way." Hand-wringing and Pearl-clutching because we didn't win "the right way" is for losers like John Kerry and Al Gore, not fans of a rising NFL power built on ferocity and vicious brutality. This defeatist attitude also ignores the fact that many egregiously bad calls by the scab officials were made AGAINST Seattle last night- After halftime, they simply stopped calling holding on Green Bay's offensive line, and a laughably blind P.I. call on Kam Chancellor kept the Pack's go-ahead touchdown drive alive in the 4th quarter.

The focus on officiating going full-on Chernobyl obscures a huge plotline of last night's game: The emergence of a Super-Bowl quality defense in Seattle. The eight first-half sacks jump off the stat sheet, but the Seahawks absolutely DOMINATED the reigning NFL MVP and one of the most powerful offensive attacks of all time. Aaron Rodgers could only lead Green Bay into the end zone once, and that was with a big scabby assist. Twelve points allowed against a team only months removed from averaging 35 ppg is more than impressive- it's a sign that we might just have the best defense in football. The defense was so comprehensively spectacular that it's hard to single out any players for individual plaudits. The moment that will stick with me is the complete smothering of Green Bay's final attempt to run out the clock (which was set up by one of about a dozen superlative Seattle special teams plays)- When we absolutely needed a stop, they got one. The Legion of Boom is starting to get a 2000 Ravens/2002 Bucs vibe going, and that should soil pantaloons all over the league.

The defense and special teams are Championship-ready, but the offense is struggling to achieve mere mediocrity. I love the fighting spirit of players like Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson and Golden Tate, but they're not yet good enough to sufficiently compliment Seattle's other units. I hope that Wilson will improve as the season progresses, but I have a nagging fear that he may ultimately be what holds the 2012 Hawks back from achieving their fullest potential. There might be a point later on this season where Pete Carroll has to make one of the toughest coaching decisions possible: Whether or not to bench an under-performing QB while the team is winning and in position to reach the postseason. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but my instinct is that Seattle can WIN XLVII with Matt Flynn under center, but not with Russell Wilson.

That's a debate for another, later day though- This team is going to continue stacking up victories. If they can erase Aaron Rodgers, why can't they do it to Sam Bradford? To Cam Newton? To Tom Brady? And so on... Don't apologize or equivocate, Twelves! Show the tenacity of Kam, of Marshawn, of Golden... This is your team, and they are FUCKING AWESOME.

What do you think, sirs?


Brett Hancock said...

I think after reading the articles and seeing the photos, it was the right call. When Golden Tate is the first player to have two feet on the ground, before Jennings, he has his arms around the ball just like Jennings. The play is called at that exact moment and the tie goes to the receiver.

Also the national analysts outcry over this is as embarrassing as the officiating. I've never see a group of individuals form a hive mind and tow the collective line quite like this. They should be ashamed.

The non stop stream of Packers players in disbelief about this, go to hell. Please thank the officials publicly about every call that goes your way or shut the fuck about it. Also 8 sacks. Bite our collective ass.

neurocell said...

Yes, that game left a bad taste in my mouth, but nothing compared to the total ass reaming that usually happens to us. I will NEVER apologize for that win. Along with Brett, I am sick of national pundits fawning over one blown call. If they were to talk about ALL the screw-ups, then I would let them have their say. I wouldn't have to point out how idiotic their argument was, because they'd see it for themselves. But that's asking too much from those that follow the "squeakiest wheel gets the grease" mentality.
One writer on wrote that if Green Bay had taken care of business earlier, that play wouldn't have happened. it didn't talk about how Green Bay was given several chances to win, it only spoke of how their defense didn't stop the Hawks when they needed to. Even though it was a positive article towards Green Bay, he was vilified. Don't state the truth, or you might get yelled at by sanctimonious fans.
Anyway, here are a couple of my responses to some half-wits pseudo arguments. Thought you might enjoy them.
How many of you guys were complaining when Aaron Rogers wasn't flagged for intentional grounding? Or that horrible pass interference call on Kam Chancellor? Or the two face masks on Marshawn Lynch? Two of those plays allowed Green Bay to get their only touchdown (Great half time adjustments, by the way, let's commit several penalties late in the fourth quarter, not get called on them, and then say that we played better.)
Face the facts: the refs blew the game from beginning to end. If the refs hadn't kept giving Green Bay extra chances, namely two of the four that I mentioned earlier, on their lone touchdown drive, then that last play would've never happened.
You can't complain about the officials hurting your chances to win, when they helped you get the lead in the first place.
The refs need to be replaced. If an entire game of cluster effs can't get the owners to see reason, then the fans are the ones that lose."

"There was a bogus roughing the passer call on Seattle. It was even worse than the one on the packers. Why don't you complain about that? The interception? Look at the replay, the defender only got one foot down, so guess what, even without the roughing call, it still would've been Seattle's ball. How come you're not complaining about the calls that helped the Packers get their ONLY touchdown? Is it because you're a myopic hypocrite? Or, to paraphrase you, a Packer homer?"

spoonfulofpeter said...

As usual, you clearly point out all the things I want to scream at the national media. It's unfortunate that the final play becomes the focus as opposed to a defensive effort that would make the '85 bears nod their heads. And I have been listening to sports radio most of the day and I have yet to hear a mention of the fact that if they don't call PI (?!?!?!) on Chancellor in the 4th quarter, GB is punting from their own territory instead of scoring a touchdown.

Our defense is legit. I can't remember the last Seahawks team that could tackle this well. I can't wait to watch this team every week for the rest of the season.

Eric Flatness said...

I'm shocked that you said nothing about Testaverde or SB XL. Because my point of view is that it feels nice to finally come out on the right side of a blown call for once.

Laird of Madrona said...

Sir, I agree with you on all points.

Matt Strott said...

Right on the money with this post! I agree with you on all points. I also agree with Eric Flatness... nice to not get screwed by a horrible call for once. Championships were on the line in the Testaverde call and SB XL. Where was the national uproar over those calls? This was a regular season, scab-ref game and it gets the President of the United States chiming in... nice to know a Seattle victory can cause this much fuss. I enjoyed that even more than the win itself.