January 29, 2010

Come on let's get to it, I know that we can do it!

Less than a month ago, the future of the Seattle Seahawks seemed like a wind-blasted, irradiated death-scape.

Things have changed a bit, huh?

From Mora's firing to Carroll's hiring to today's retirement of Kurt Warner, January 2010 has been a sheet cake of victory for the Seahawks. Sure, everything could go all crap sandwich for the Hawks, Matt Leinart could morph into a latter-day Neil Lomax, and the Niners could finally live up to the rediculous pile of hype accumulated around them... but every year some bug-fuck crazy shit happens in the NFL, doesn't it? Jets in the AFC Championship game... Saints in the Super Bowl...

Why not Seattle back in the playoffs next year?

Even after Hasselbeck's awful season, he might be the best quarterback in the division now. The Seahawks have the money to lure free agents and the arsenal of draft picks needed to make an immediate leap forward. A mere 4-win improvement would get Seattle to 9-7, which has been good enough for a division crown four times in franchise history.

You know that scene in Magnolia where the frogs start dropping from the sky, and the quiz kid just starts repeating, "This happens.... This happens!" We've seen quick turnarounds over and over in today's NFL, and a 4-win leap is something we've seen our guys do more than once.

Heck, we've seen a new coach get the Hawks to 9-7 and a playoff berth twice before in franchise history. Knox in '83... Holmgren in '99... Carroll in '10?

This Happens... This Happens.


Michael Steffes said...

Love the Magnolia reference. Win or lose, I am glued to see what happens next with this team. This is will be the most important offseason in team history, and it makes for great drama

bleedshawkblue said...

Good to see ya with your hat back in the ring, Mr. Steffes. Your work on SeahawkAddicts is what got me sucked into the blogosphere.

And 9-7 is far too modest of a possibility, O Bearded One. Consider that BeerBong Leinart is the Fucktards new starter, the Rams will suck for several more years and SF was the only quality team we beat last year besides JAX, and the road game that knocked out Hass was winnable.

Miami went 1-15 and bounced New England out of the playoffs the very next year. There is too much uncapped salaried talent on the coaching staff and in the front office to consider anything less than 9-7, and 12-4 is well within reach. Remember the younger players like Forsett, Carlson, LoJack, Tapp, Mebane, Unger etc. will all have more veteran savvy and conditioning.

KOOL! AIDD!!! etc. etc. etc.