January 13, 2010

Rally round your leaders, it's the mediator season

Coach Carroll wants YOU to join the Twelve Army...

There are millions of Seahawks fans around the world, and each one of us has their own little tale of how and why they became fans. One thing that is easy to see from a distance is that there are many different types of fandom, with many different levels of intensity... Many fans are pulled to or pushed away from the Seahawks like the ocean's tides: success draws them to shore, and failure pushes them back out to sea. It's silly to get too upset about the vagaries of casual fans, because their behavior is a good rough indicator of the overall health of the franchise...

What I'm about to say isn't aimed at the girl wearing her boyfriend's Seahawks cap, or the dude that "follows" the Seahawks through highlights on SportsCenter. This is for the hard core... The ones with season tickets; The ones who used to trek out to Cheney for training camps; The ones who wear our colors in hostile stadiums and get Sunday Ticket in order to watch our Heroes of 12 from thousands of miles away. Y'all are the Twelve Army. You've lived through times of plenty and years of woe, but I've noticed a crisis of confidence among many of you.. It's time to stow that shit.

I'm stunned and amazed at how eager a lot of Seahawks fans are to assume Pete Carroll will fail as Head Coach. Like I've said before, I have to guess a lot of that is internal conflict between UW fandom (GRRRRR! Carroll Bad!) and Seahawks loyalty... If that is what you are going through mentally, I have to be an asshole and say: It's time to put away childish things. The college football thing is cute, but if there's any debate in your head between Seahawks or Huskies, you're already on the wrong track. You might be saying "but I went to UW!" Great. Cool. Give some money to the school. Don't let your lingering feelings of rivalry towards Coach Carroll push you out to sea with the unmoored masses...

Beyond the UW thing, I'm sick of the reflexive negativity among farrrr too many Seahawks fans these days. Perhaps Carroll will fail. There will be plenty of chances to gnash our teeth later on if this turns out to be a huge mistake... But why start off from such a hopeless, desolate place mentally? On twitter, some mopey yokel said that hiring Carroll meant that he'd no longer root for the Seahawks. That's such an overreaction, I have to start thinking there are people out there who would rather marinate in misery, with their pessimism proven right, that actually see the Seahawks succeed.

Remember that episode of Battlestar Galactica, where they were going on the desperate mission to rescue Hera, and Adama put that line of tape down the middle of the hangar bay? It's that kind of time for us Seahawks fans: On one side are those ready to embrace Coach Carroll, or at least give him some kind of chance before passing judgement on his coaching skills... On the other side are those ready to absorb the negative vibes that are pumped out by sports talk radio, Mike Sando, Pro Football Talk, and every mouth-breathing message board commenter who knows exactly two things: Fuck and All.

What side are you on?


Michael Steffes said...

You know what side I am on. I have unnatural man love for Pete Carroll. He wrote the forward for "The Inner Game of Tennis" for christ sake. People think that book is about tennis, but in reality it is one of the most transcendent books in sports and life. I know people who use it like a bible, and Pete is on board. Great Hire! Go Hawks!

Hawkgirl said...

I too don't get the doom and gloom! So glad you wrote this piece. Initially wary, after some research, more research, video interviews, the 60 Minutes thing, and having read "The Inner Game of Tennis"(LOVED!), I am all in. Because in reality, what is your option? Give up the seats? Become a fan of AZ (shudder) or SF (gag)? I believe in Paul Allen and trust in the hire. A year from now, if everything has gone to hell and shows no sign of abatement then we can all feel free to go all Steve Kelly about it but until then, buy in, or jump off.

JRuss said...

Couldn't agree more. Are people so damn afraid to hope for something good to come of this? I'll be positive about the new direction until there is a concrete reason not to be. Until then, slap a pair of rose-colored glasses on me to go with my Tez jersey.

I give Paul Allen huge props for not staying with what wasn't working. With all he's going through, it certainly would've been the path of least resistance. Instead, the organization is going for broke and I roundly applaud the effort. Carroll, Alex freaking Gibbs, Bates. Yowzers. And the people they're bringing in to interview for GM? Capable individuals with stellar credentials.

I feel buoyed by all of the moves thus far. Much better than I would've felt if we had stayed with the status quo.

Can't wait to start the new season. GO HAWKS!!

Toftie said...

I am so on board. Truly excited about this. I feel like I do when watching the first season of Friday Night Lights and I want to punch everyone in the face who doubts Coach Taylor. I'm a fan of the Seahawks and fan of anyone with proven worth who wants to join us and lead us. I'm following. Loud and proud.

Brendan said...

Well bringing in Gibbs was a huge move in my opinion, so it seems as if Coach Carroll begins his tenure with a strong push in the right direction. I hope we have our new GM by the end of the month!

Anthony said...

First of all I am a diehard Hawks fan and a diehard Huskies fan.

The only negativity that I had was when it was rumored that Carrol may come here with complete control over the draft and trades, similar to what Holmgren had when he came. I had no problem with Holmgren's position and authority when he came, but with Carrol I was concerned since he has been engrossed in College players and not been around tenured vets in the NFL for a few years.

That said, I absolutely love the outcome. His position is perfect. I think the coach ought to have control of who makes the squad.

I am completely on board. I've supported this team since the early 80's (I was born in 1977). 2 of my most valued possession is my Largent classic jersey (patch numbers), and a pair of Hawks practice pants that I got through a friend of my uncle who was a coach with the Hawks. I got those in the early 90's. BTW they have #79 written on the inside (with a few other numbers crossed out), I think they may have been Jacob Green's as he was still there when I got them.

Go Hawks!

Andrew said...

I love that you made a Battlesetar Galatica reference. Good stuff.

I don't get why everyone else is not as ecstatic about Carroll as I am. The guy's a winner with a great attitude, charisma, and ample amounts of credibility.

Plus he's a good Democrat which I'm all for.

bleedshawkblue said...

If you're a Husky fan, what could be better than signing the coach who has absolutely owned you (except last year...teeheehee!!!) so you won't have to play against him anymore?

If you're a Seahawk fan, what could be better than signing a coach who has won everywhere he's been and carried an undefeated record in the East coast timezone for YEARS!!? And consider how much NFL talent his program has contributed to the league and try again to justify why he sucks. You're an even bigger hateful moron than you were a few minutes ago if you make the attempt.

And if you're a whiner that hates everyone who isn't Mike Holmgren (9-7 against the NFC Worst plus pathetic on the road) then go post on www.everythingsucks.com because you just hate for the sake of hating. Which is what you need to be doing with all other teams besides Our Beloved Seahawks, or you are not a fan of this team.

Hating your team for any move they make is called being a hater, not a fan. Real fans hate OTHER teams for every good move THEY make, you whining bunch of dumbasses!!!