January 4, 2010

I'm Coming Outta My Cage and I'm Doing Just Fine

Thank god that dreadful, boring, annoying, frustrating, embarrassing season is finally over. I would have preferred a win yesterday, but as a buddy of mine said, the 6th overall pick is a nice consolation prize...

Now the fun begins, and I'm not being sarcastic. Sure, it will be tough to see some vets get traded/cut/run out of town by an angry mob, and there's always the chance that management will fuck things up (see: the 1990s), but to paraphrase Governor Blagojevich, we've got three of the first forty picks in the draft, and they are fucking GOLDEN.

I'm not going to pretend that I have any sort of informed opinion on who the Seahawks should draft, but I'll still be glued to Seahawks Draft Blog and about any other source of speculation/rumors/innuendo that I can get my hands on over the next few months... I'll be obsessive, but still won't have half a clue what the fuck I'm talking about when it comes to who we should spend millions of dollars in guaranteed money on... but that's the joy of being a fan, aint it?

Obviously, we all hope that the front office finds a new GM swiftly, and I think 30 Helens and all of us agree that the new bossman's first act should be leaving a red tag in Jim Mora's locker. I see the argument that Mora should be given one more year, if only on the basis of the impending possibility of a 2011 lockout by the owners, but I don't really buy it. I'd rather give Zorn a shot than suffer through another 16 games of Mora making excuses, pointing fingers at our players, and putting a team on the field that is utterly unmotivated and unprepared.

I truly believe that if the right moves are made, the Seahawks could be a competitive 7 or 8-win team next year, and have a real shot at the postseason in 2011 (assuming the owners don't blow up the season).

Let the speculation and rumor-mongering begin! This'll be an exciting few months for the legions of Twelve... Shit, it can't be any worse than watching this team the last two years, can it?

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