January 9, 2010

Seahawks stuff backpack full, set it on fire...

Coach Mora, your position is no longer available.

The situation at the VMAC is very fluid, but here's what we know for sure:

-Jim Mora has been fired as Seattle's head coach. This was entirely justified, and the bobbleheads in the media who were "shocked" by this development simply weren't paying attention to how the Seahawks played under Mora: Lethargic as sloths in a NyQuil stupor.

-It's highly probable that Pete Carroll is the Seahawks new head coach, though rumors continue to fly about a possible sticking point: Will Carroll have final say over personnel or not? Some Seahawks fans preemptively HATE this move, which I have to assume is entagled with loyalty to UW's football program to some extent. Since I don't give a crap about college football, I am unencumbered by such concerns.

-Would Carroll succeed? Who knows? At this point, I give the Seahawks organization a tremendous amount of credit for making bold moves, rather than just muddling through 2010 with Mora and vainly hoping for the best. Carroll could be Dennis Erickson, or he could be Mike Holmgren... or he might set new Seahawks standards for success or failure... Anyone who thinks they KNOW how this will turn out is fooling themselves, and the foolish fools who follow them.

-I'm 100% comfortable with Carroll as head coach at this point, but I hope the rumors are true that Allen won't give him TOTAL control over the team. We've tried that in recent history, and it didn't work out that well.

-Everyone publicly wondering why Carroll would leave the August majesty of USC to come coach the lowly Seahawks? I say fuck you right in the ear, you arrogant pricks. Last time I checked NFL > NCAA. If you think otherwise... Sorry, you're wrong.

-It's an exciting time to be a Seahawks fan.. Look! They're talking about us on SportsCenter! Woooo! Attention! It's nice to see some buzz around our franchise... Obviously, if Carroll sucks as coach, that sort of crap is irrelevant. But right now, I like that the Seahawks are a trending topic in the sports world.

-Like I wrote above, this is a very fluid situation, and this aint a breaking-news kind of blog... If you want more rapid-fire updates, check out my twitter feed, y'all.

Go Seahawks!


Hawkgirl said...

I love this analogy, probably because I loved the movie so much. Backpacks set on fire indeed. I'm loving the coordinators he's pulling in so far, although for many, the sky is falling on this move. To say that anyone knows at this point is kinda reactive

spoonfulofpeter said...

Ha! I love it. Great movie, great post.