March 16, 2010

OH NOES! They're breaking up our shitty, shitty team!

The overall reaction to the Seahawks off-season moves so far has been, well... negative. Actually, it's getting to be closer to a collective flat-out piss-yourself hissy fit.

Time to cut the fucking shit, y'all...

Yeah, I was the last to figure this out, but I HAVE figured it out: The Seahawks, as currently constituted, suck. And they suck HAAAAAARRRD.

9 wins out of the last 32 games.

4 of those wins were against St. Louis, who has only won THREE out of their last 32.

In the last two years, the Seahawks have a grand total of THREE non-NFC West wins. They have ZERO non-divisional road wins during this stretch.

It wasn't all craptacular coaching. It wasn't ALL Mora and Ruskell...

It's not like the front office is breaking up the 1985 Bears, my friends. We can quibble about the details of these moves, but do we really know any better than the FO? Shit, I didn't want to draft Tatupu in 2005, and I would have drafted Crabtree last year. I clearly shouldn't be running the team, and you probably shouldn't be either....

Shocking news: New management wants to bring in their own guys, and stockpile draft picks and get way younger. I wouldn't have made the Tapp trade, but I also wouldn't have traded Nomar in 2004 either.

I don't know how these moves are going to work out, but I DO know everyone is jumping ahead to blind panic a little soon, even for us Seahawks fans.


Hawkgirl said...

I just want to say, I love the photo...crack up.

JRuss said...


SO glad you wrote this. Your 1985 Bears comment is apt. Can we at least see what product will end up on the field come September before committing harikari?