December 6, 2010

Commerce and Necessity

I HATE that I have to do this, but since

A) I can't go to this game +
B) My family in the Tri-Cities can't go to this game +
C) I want to scrape together enough dough for Xmas shopping and possibly coming out west for the Rams game =

I'm selling my Falcons tickets on eBay- Check out the auction here.

I encourage y'all to bid on these if you are thinking of going to the game, simply because I DON'T want these seats to end up occupied by Atlanta fans (though I'm not particularly worried about that- the Falcons don't travel well, even when they are having a great year). Yes, I've decried folks doing EXACTLY what I'm doing here. My half-assed justification is that I'm doing this to increase the chances I can attend a different Seahawks game myself. So be it.

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