December 6, 2010

Memories Can't Wait

2007 is getting lonely...

Tonight I got my invoice for my 2011 Seahawks PLAYOFF tickets. How cool is that? After two exhausting, nearly unbearable seasons, we're on the verge on returning to the NFL's postseason tournament for the 6th time in 8 seasons. You can talk all you want about how this team is terribly flawed, how it's at best mediocre, how it's leading a terrible division. Right now, I don't give a fuck about ANY of these things.

Three of the greatest days of my life were my trips to Seahawks playoff games: The NFC Championship win over Carolina, and the Wild Card wins over Dallas and D.C. Those out there who want to dismiss or denigrate the worth of the 2010 NFC West title are being obscenely cavalier about something that is cherished by your average NFL fan: The sight of their team in the NFL playoffs.

Next season is a vast unknowable landscape- Beyond the NFL's collective bargaining uncertainty (though I'd be SHOCKED if any regular season games were lost to a work stoppage), there's the probability that the Rams will be ahead of Seattle in our competing rebuilding processes. In addition, the 49ers may hire a competent coach, and Arizona might find a competent quarterback. Even if the Seahawks are a BETTER team in 2011, they might find themselves in a more competitive division and end up with a worse record. My point? We shouldn't focus on the next phase of Seattle's rebuilding process while THIS season, and our hopes for a rare, precious playoff run are very much alive.

Those who actually FEAR getting into the playoffs, who are so sure that Seattle would get clobbered by the Saints/Eagles/Packers/Giants/Bears? Ugh. Get your shit, and get the fuck out. We don't need your stinkin' thinkin'. If it happens, we'll deal. But what if it doesn't? What if the Seahawks pull a big playoff upset (like they did in 1983, 1984, 2006, 2007)? What if this team creates new memories that we'll cling to, that we'll relish, for decades to come? Let's enjoy the fact that the POSSIBILITY even exists right now, that we are watching competitive football rather than already focusing on the 2011 draft...

Do the 2008 or 2009 Seahawks have ANY chance of coming back to win that game yesterday? FUUUUUUUCK No. That alone is not only a reason to rejoice, but reason to hope that Seattle can beat the Niners this week, best the Rams in the regular season finale, and maybe even WIN a playoff game.

Embrace today, my fellow Twelves. 2011 and beyond is something to worry about another day.

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DJ Union said...

I would like to see a playoff run, even if we do get destroyed. I think the playoffs would bring a little more respect to our team and step them up better for next season.