December 5, 2010

Seahawks 31, Panthers 14

At a certain point in the 2nd quarter today, I was in a VERY dark place as a fan. The Seahawks were behind 14-0, and playing even worse than they did against Kansas City. In addition, both BMW and Obo got knocked out of the game... All that existed in my mind were horrific visions of the 2010 season imploding; of a 5-11 collapse that would be just as traumatic as the brief, lamentable Autumn of Mora. It was a terrible headspace to inhabit, even fleetingly.

I'm not going to say that the game turned BECAUSE of the ceremony retiring Walter Jones' jersey- That would be grade school, lazy analysis- But damn it's tempting to think that Big Walt marched into the Seattle locker room at the half and busted out a variation of this:

Or this:

Even though this cinematic explanation certainly isn't true, the Seahawks took the field for the 2nd half as if it was. Jimmy Clausen was beaten into a crying pile of douche-ness, the Carolina running attack was snuffed, and Seattle suddenly chewed up time and territory running the ball. In the end, the Seahawks notched a victory they desperately needed to give the Twelve Army Meaningful December FOOTBALL.

Yes, it was against the lowly Panthers, so no one is going to take to the streets proclaiming we're destined to end the season under the ridiculous Cowboys Stadium video screen- but in the 2nd half Seattle showed the one thing that they've clearly developed over this season: Mental toughness in the face of adversity.

It looks like BMW, Obo, and maybe even Colin Cole will return next week, when we face the 49ers down the coast in SF. I'm not so beaten and downtrodden that I think Seattle can't beat a 4-8 team on the road- Plus, above and beyond the desire to get to 7-6 and stay atop the NFC West, there's the real motivation to sweep the detestable Niners and hasten Mike Singletary's trip to the unemployment line. As I've said many times before in this space: Fuck the Fucking Niners.

So wear your gear proudly on Victory Monday, my fellow Twelves. The Seahawks might just be a mediocre team lucky to play in a weak division, but damnnit, it beats the hopeless Decembers we've seen the last couple of years. Plus, if we can kill the Niners off for good next Sunday, who knows.. We might even get on a bit of a roll.

What do you think, sirs?


JimJam said...

'A crying pile of douche-ness', sir, are a wordsmith! Hahaha.

Despite the early scare and pathetic first half, I think us Seahawk fans saw the team's true colors today. We're a gutsy team (regardless of what people may say), and Carroll's never-say-die optimism was really seen through the player's attitudes after the main break.

Quite honestly, to score 31 unanswered points is a huge feat, regardless who you play. The Panthers are, after all, still an NFL team.

The thing i was most pleased with today was the balance of rushing and passing- while we played against an average defense, hopefully we can take some confidence and momentum into the remaining 4 games.

I'm also glad Leon Washington admitted his showboating wasn't his finest work haha. Doubt he'll be doing that again anytime soon.

bleedshawkblue said...

Fuck the Fucking Niners indeed!!!

And the rest of the sniveling douchenozzle punditocracy that are defining their lives by how everything sucks and so what if it didn't. Especially in Seattle.

13-6, bee-yotches!!! 13-6!!!