February 20, 2011

"Don't talk politics and don't throw stones..."

Every time I talk about or even mention politics on this blog, the Harumphs can be heard across the land- Stick to talking about the Seahawks! Stay away from politics!

If I wanted to write a political blog, I would. The simple truth is that I have some original and insightful things to say about the Seattle Seahawks. Anything I'd say in-depth about politics? Hundreds of other writers are already saying what I think, and saying it better- So don't worry about me veering off and turning DKSB into DailyKOS or anything...

I do want to say this, though- One thing that is going to be made crystal clear by the upcoming battle between NFL owners and players? The notion that football and politics can be completely decoupled is utter, stinking BULLSHIT.

You think the players are greedy overpaid crybabies who should take whatever the owners offer them? I'd bet pretty big money that you're politically conservative. Maybe you think the owners are plutocratic fat cats leeching off the players and the fans? I'd be just as sure you're probably politically liberal. My point is simply that none of us check our beliefs at the door before we enter Qwest, or disconnect that part of our minds before we watch sports.

I'm on the side of the players' union in this struggle for a lot of reasons, but I'd be lying if I told you it has nothing to do with me being politically leftist. At least I'm honest about this, and not putting up some horseshit front that my politics don't effect how I look at the game...

Hell, we're not THAT far removed from politics DIRECTLY deciding whether our team would even stay in Seattle. I remember beating the drum pretty loudly on my old KUGS-FM radio show in favor of a new Seahawks Stadium back in 1997 (in opposition to a LOT of my lefty friends in the 'Ham, I must say). The funny part? Back then I got complaints about having too much Seahawks content on my political talk show.

These bright-line distinctions simply do not exist, and even if you WANT football to be a safe-haven from the political world, it isn't. Why? Because players and coaches and owners are citizens too, and their actions have significant effects politically, ranging from players profusely thanking God (or not thanking him) in post-game interviews to owners asking for taxpayer money to fund new stadiums. To act otherwise is to willfully ignore the reality six inches from your face.

This is a Seahawks blog, but if I feel like talking about politics, or the Red Sox, or the new Radiohead record, I will. I don't make any sort of significant revenue from this blog, nor do I expect to. So if you like my stuff, I'm glad, and I hope you keep reading. If you don't? There's lots of other blogs out there that stay within these boundaries you find so essential.

In closing, Obama '12, and Go Red Sox! :)


bleedshawkblue said...

Beard, you were my new best friend the first day I stumbled across this fine publication. Your exalted stature grows mightily with each passing heap of pith you ladle so generously upon us.

Bland is the flavor that makes me want to barf.

Oh, and, by the way, you better stop talking about R.E.M. 'cuz I don't like them that much, and I wouldn't recognize a Radiohead song if it bit me on the ass, so you better stop talking about them...

Aaron said...

Speaking for that (no doubt tiny) subset of Beard readers who aren't actually Seahawks fans, but are fans of pro football, the Red Sox, music, and leftist politics, may I just say:

Fuck 'em if they don't like it.

Oh, and the new Radiohead album is rather humdrum by their exalted standards.

Bulthuis Family said...

Johnny, I respect this blog is your house. If you felt disrespected by my earlier post, I do apologize. Your passion for the Hawks is great, and I love reading that.

I’m not an owners’ man. I would like the latest deal to include more health care and disability guarantees for the players. Given the current economic climate I wouldn’t cry if the players get a little less in guaranteed percentages. But that doesn’t lead to easy generalizations, does it?

If you want to have a blog that includes all your quirky hobbies in it, that is fine, and I can go f*ck off. I get that. But I move in circles where Red Sox fans and leftist politics are a sort of given, an insider’s group. People who don’t fit in those rather trendy “stuff white people like” categories don’t get a say in things. I love the Seahawks and am glad to find another fan. The other stuff I can get anywhere.

BleedHawksBlue, I live in worlds where I am Dr. No, so you may want to save your lecture about Yes Men for people who truly move in lockstep in their opinions.

Geoff said...

I'm glad you have the balls to write what you feel like writing about and not just trying to make the masses happy. Way too many people in this country just don't seem to realize that if they don't like something being said, they can just change the channel, click to a new site, etc, etc.

Instead, far too many would rather complain to the creator of the content that it is annoying or offensive to them. Crazyiness!

Anyways, love the site and thanks for doing things here how you feel like doing them!