February 11, 2011

Welcome to a long, strange offseason

Even though this blog takes its name from a weird artifact of the 1987 NFL work stoppage, I can't find anything remotely positive about the impending 2011 NFL lockout. I don't doubt for a second that there will be a 2011 NFL season, but I think the journey to kickoff weekend is going to be harrowing for NFL fans. The season will start on schedule (or very close to it), but probably only after all the parties involved have alienated and pissed off millions of loyal fans/paying customers.

From my perspective, it's all on the owners. They're the ones who will be to blame for a work stoppage, not the players who risk serious injury and perhaps even disability or death every time they step on the field. This will not be a players' strike, but a lockout by management. Unfortunately, even with this simple factual info, sports talk radio and millions of fans will have a knee-jerk reaction blaming the players for not meekly accepting the first CBA proposed by the owners.

That's about all I really want to write about the CBA negotiations- Oh, I'm sure I'll write more, but it'll probably just be some variation of the two paragraphs above. The biggest problem? If there is a lockout, there's going to be JACK SHIT to talk about in terms of Seahawks news until the NFL Draft... And since I'm no Rob Staton, I'm not going to be a great source for insight about who the Seahawks will/should draft.

So will this blog go dark? Will I hang it up like John Morgan of Field Gulls recently did? (Side note: Morgan and I didn't always see eye-to-eye, but dude knew his stuff and helped expose my writing to a much bigger audience- I tip my Seahawks baseball cap to him, and urge you to go pick up a copy of his book.)

Nope. I'll still be giving you as much Seahawks-related content as I can wring out of my brain during this desolate spring- expect a lot of lists, a lot of history, etc. I'm also open to suggestions and tips, which you can leave as comments or send to my gmail account.

Go Seahawks, and may the Lockout be short or non-existent.

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